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Games for children in English

English teaching specific age group has its own peculiarities and nuances. After all, learning a foreign language of the child, adolescent and adult has to have different ways due to the perception of information at an appropriate age. Typically, tutors, including teaching English on Skype, prefer to work only with one age group. When we involve children English, we must remember that they assimilate the information provided in the form of visual images, or beaten in situations. And this particular form of action to the game.

It is in the game to fully manifest abilities and skills of the child. It was in the game the child can show themselves, to realize their potential. Children play anywhere, anytime. With games children not only learn how to behave in a given situation, learn to make decisions, compete, and try on different images, thus learn about our lives and learn to communicate properly.

Using games for children in the English language is very important in the learning process. After all, being in an atmosphere of joy, passion, equality among themselves, the children overcome shyness and the infamous «language barrier» that prevents us well to learn the language. During the game perfectly digestible language material (since it is repeated many times), worked through the pronunciation and develop properly communication skills, remembered all sorts of features of the structure of language and the rights inherent in his writing and speaking.

What are games for children in the English language?

Of course, very popular role-playing games for the children in English, which simulate certain situations of life trip to the doctor, grocery shopping in the store, traveling to another country, etc. In the younger age children is very fond of playing fabulous content. They contribute to the formation of figurative and expressive speech. In addition, much needed educational games for children in English (bingo, dominoes, games on acquaintance with nature, desktop-printed games, word games, and games, puzzles, games, conversations, etc.).

Is focusing only on any one kind of game is not worth it. They need to be alternated: calm didactic game, mobile role-playing game, the game is a game for two and a whole group of children. All this must be put into an organic learning process, well-chosen subjects, goals, objectives, games according to the materials that should be explored.

There are games for children in English, aimed at the development of speech and creative activities of students (grammar games) and those who train the mental activity and the use of lexical units (lexical game). With the help of creative play for children in English (drama and role play) are implemented and improved speech skills.

For example, children are just beginning to learn English, get to know the alphabet. That is what games can be offered to secure this knowledge:

  • call letters depicted on the cards, and hitting a ball on the floor, only to do everything in tact;
  • two teams of students are invited to make the speed as much as possible the words of the proposed mixed letters;
  • I guess the word by the first letter as soon as possible to draw it to win the game.

When spelling material can use these games for children in the English language:

  • Find the letters in the grid with a certain group of words (and here it is necessary to know their correct spelling);
  • give the two teams on the length and ask to make as many words of his letters;
  • using facial expressions and gestures represent what is written in the proposal will make come true.

To work with the new lexical material and fixing old can approach these games for children in the English language:

  • role-playing game on the theme, giving students the opportunity to feel as different characters on stage;
  • divided into groups, to offer a certain number of students to guess the riddles and puzzles in English at the time;
  • play assumption: what would happen if?

Games for children in the English language can come up with themselves, taking advantage of some of my ideas. For example, examples of folk games you can find on the site There are finger games and educational games. A large number of games for the children in English is located on such a resource as

Be sure to include in your learning process games for children in English. This way you can motivate children to learn this foreign language, and turn the whole process into an exciting experience.



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