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When you start learning any language, you gradually master the basic knowledge in this area. The basis of the basic knowledge of the alphabet constitute the selected language and system of calculation. The English language, as well as Russian, for the account operates in Arabic numerals. Designated in all languages ​​are the same, but are recorded and sound different. How do the figures presented in the English language?

List of figures in English

Before we talk about numbers in English, is to delineate for itself and will not confuse the concept of «figure» (figure) and the «number» (number). «Numbers» is a system of signs for writing numbers. A «number» is called an abstraction, which is used to quantify the properties of objects. Usually the word «number» means one of the ten symbols: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. combining with each other, these figures form a two (or more) digit numbers.

These ten digits in English transcription reads as follows:

  • 0 oh, zero, naught (depending on the scope of use) [‘ziərəu];
  • 1 one [wʌn];
  • 2 two [tu:];
  • 3 three [θri:];
  • 4 four [fɔ:];
  • 5 five [faiv];
  • 6 six [siks];
  • 7 — seven [‘sev (ə) n];
  • 8 eight [eit];
  • 9 nine [nain].

Either English textbooks or reference books always present a list of numbers in English, as well as variants of numbers. To learn them is not difficult, the main thing to learn how to pronounce. If you are a teacher (the best option — the English on Skype), the problems you will not have, because your teacher will quote you all the numbers in English, will make you repeat them in the future will continue to monitor your pronunciation.

If you are learning English on their own, you should definitely listen to audio and video, which demonstrates the correct articulation with the pronunciation of varying numbers in English. For example, you can refer to Internet resources.

The site you can watch a video in which the manner of the songs give away not only the numbers in English, but also to the number of hundreds. The bins resource is a table with the figures and numbers in English, which you can listen to the pronunciation. By the way, do not use materials that close to the figure in the English language presented its pronunciation, but with the help of the Russian alphabet. This way of storing any information does not bring anything good, since not only the wrong goal at his vocal apparatus, but it spoils the pronunciation, but in the future accustom rely write English words in Russian letters. Throw in general, this method of language learning from their arsenal and use a dictionary with transcription!

If you want to test your knowledge of numbers in English, go to the website All sorts of tables, demo games and quizzes will not let you get bored, but rather led to believe that there is nothing easier than the numbers in English.



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