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Fiction in English

Reading is a mandatory attribute of the same process of learning a foreign language, such as listening, writing, speaking practice, etc. You can read everything your heart desires: fiction in English, periodicals, textbooks, encyclopedias. Any printed in the list has its advantages and disadvantages, but even reading anything will be very useful for you.

Why read fiction in English?

Studying English, do not neglect the reading of fiction in English. A case in point is not about the adapted books and an original work. Perhaps the phrase «fiction» does not cause you have positive emotions. But we are not talking only about the classics, although many consider the classic works incredibly interesting. Yes, knowledge of classical works, especially in the read original, highly desirable. In our society, it is an indicator of education and erudition. But the author author strife. Works by some of the writers of the past characterized by an abundance of less common vocabulary and complex designs. Reading this literature in English may completely discourage the desire to continue this stage in the learning process.

If you are not on the back of the book, do not force yourself. Refer to contemporary writers whose works you know Russian. Even better — start reading your favorite author. Believe me, his original novel or story and translation, even very good — they are two completely different things. It is unlikely that most first-class interpreter will be able to convey all the nuances of moods and emotions of characters is 100%. Therefore, it is a pleasure to read fiction in the English language and study the interesting statements, design, memorize words. Moreover, not all the books of foreign authors translated into your native language. There is only one option — to read them in the original. Imagine your sense of pride and self-worth, self-esteem boosts your after reading the book in English! After all, if you conquer one work submit themselves and others. Over time you will read fiction in the English language as their mother.

As we have seen, read fiction in English is not only possible but necessary! In this age of technology, many prefer not to buy prints, and read the literature on the Internet or print the work on A4 sheets. Good or bad — not judge us. Everyone chooses the most appropriate way to him. Now literature in English is available in almost every city. In stores you can find both classical works and works by contemporary authors. Buy this literature can be, and in shops, for example, or

If you prefer electronic versions of products, you can find and download them to the following resources:

  • — a collection of works by contemporary authors
  • — books in different languages

Whatever book you choose, in whatever way they have not read, reading fiction in English will contribute to the accumulation of necessary knowledge that is required to help you in the future!



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