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Learn English, we somehow come into contact with the culture of the country — the birthplace of the language — get to know its history and outstanding personalities. England — a wonderful country that gave the world cultural heritage of masters of literary work. Many of the works of English writers (English writers), as the Enid Blyton Mary, Robert Lewis Stevenson or Daniel Defoe’s known you since childhood or from school. I’m sure that there are no people who would not like creativity Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

Knowing English writers and read their works — is not just a luxury, but I would say that the need for the process of learning the English language, if you want to feel confident in the circle of educated, skilled, not only to our people, but also the English-speaking society. We read our classics, so why not pay attention to the virtuosos of English literature (English litterature)? Moreover, reading the works of British writers in the original, you can feel the spirit of the English language and greatly deepen your knowledge.

We talk about the English writer

Let’s try to sketch a kind of a plan under which it will be possible to talk about any English writer. As an example, we take the highest paid author (the highest paid author) 30s. William Somerset Maugham (William Somerset Maugham). I am sure it is worth mentioning the contribution he has made ​​to the development of literature (impact / influence) and thus became so famous (to become so popular / famous / well-known). And Maugham, despite the fact that the doctor had time to work, a spy and a playwright (doctor, spy, playwright), best known for his short story written (short story writer).

In his stories, the description and behavior of the main characters of many biographical details (a lot of biographical details), and the works themselves are written live, and sometimes overly cynical language (vivid and cynical prose). Most of his works have been screened (screen adaptations) and successfully demonstrated on the screen.

After the entry is preceded by a story about a selected English writer, you can go to the information on the life and work of this individual. Let’s start with the date of birth, and briefly describe the way of life. W. Somerset Maugham was born December 25, 1874 in Paris (to be born on 25 th of December 1874 in Paris) in the family of the British Embassy lawyer Robert Ormond Maugham (Robert Ormond Maugham) and writer Edith Mary (Edith Mary). At Somerset had three older brothers. When he was 8, his mother died, and two years later his father died of cancer. Becoming an orphan at 10 years (orphan), William returned to England, and came under the tutelage of his uncle — Henry MacDonald Maugham (Henry MacDonald Maugham).

Up to sixteen Maugham studied at King’s School in Canterbury (Canterbury), then went to Germany to study literature and philosophy (to study literature and philosophy) at the University of Heidelberg. He studied medicine at St. Thomas Hospital in London (St. Thomas Hospital).

Go to the description of creativity (creative work) of the English writer. His first published in 1897. The work was a story called «Liza of Lambeth», which is telling us about working-class life in the slums of England (life of working class in London Lambeth slum). Maugham decided to devote himself to literary work (full-time writing). From the pen out «The Hero» (1901), «Mrs. Craddock »(1902),« The Merry-Go — Round »(1904),« The Explorer »(1907),« Of Human Bondage »(1915),« Moon and Sixpence »(1919),« The Trembling of a Leaf «(1921),« The Painted Veil «(1925) and others.

While living in London, the English writer not only continued to write, but also took an active part in the literary and theatrical life of the city (to immerse oneself in the literary and thetre world), working on novels and plays (to write novels and plays). Of the two dozen plays would like to mention «Lady Frederick» (1907), «Jack Straw» (1912), «Our Betters» (1923) and «The Constant Wife» (1927).

During the First World War, Somerset Maugham was in America as a volunteer ambulance (ambulance unit volunteer). There he met the daughter of a pharmaceutical magnate named Henry Welcome (a pharmaceutical magnate), who became his wife later gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth Mary Maugham (1915-1981). In 1928, the English writer chose permanent residence French Riviera (to move permanently to French Riviera), where he lived until his death on December 16, 1965 (to die on 16 th of December 1965).

Among the most famous works of recent years, we note «Cakes and Ale» (1930), «The Narrow Corner» (1932), «Up at the Villa» (1941), «The Razor’s Edge» (1944), «Then and Now» ( 1946). In 1947, Maugham created this award named after him, which is awarded to the best British writers over 35 years.

Of course, this is only a brief biographical information on the W. Somerset Maugham. The last part of your story about the English writer should include a small summary of information about your chosen famous work of this master. Finish the story, you can quote. For example, the author of «A Clockwork Orange» by Anthony Berzhdess (Anthony Burgess) says about Maugham: He is the modern writer who influenced me the most.

Following this rough plan and using smooth transitions from work to the biographical summary, we can competently tell about any English writer of our time and the past.



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