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English words in Russian

At the beginning of this article I would like to warn all that is set out here reflect my personal opinion on the matter, which in no way is not imposed and defined as a right. You can consider this article a kind of «cry from the heart,» a man who knows and loves the English language, but does not intend to abandon his native Russian. In addition, this article has nothing to do with the article «Borrowing in English,» although we’ll start.

Borrowing in every language, and Russian is no exception. This process, which significantly increases the vocabulary of the language and makes it language, characterized by different nations and countries. Russian language as a living thing, constantly evolving, absorbing new words. All of this is normal, in my opinion. It happens that in the Russian language has no word for a certain object or phenomenon, so it is quite natural to use in these cases, English words in Russian. Yes, and in our life is already firmly entrenched vocabulary such as rally, inflation, import and export, shampoo, shorts, program leader, version, and many others. I would like to stress — all of which should be to give the Russian language and develop.

Recently, however, more and more I watch this trend — everyone wants to be inserted into his speech Anglicisms and Americanisms — words like tracing paper reproduced from English and its American variant. Yes, even if pronounced correctly! And these «pearls», you can hear a lot that there are no forces. I am totally against such use of English words in the Russian language. If you can not say more — I just put out those who do so. And the reason for this reaction of my painful — is the existence of essential words in the Russian language, which does not need their English equivalent. He does not understand why insert a pleasant Russian language is also not terrible English words, but such seemingly because of their inappropriate use? They say that it is fashionable. Well, when you consider that 90% of those who are so used English words in Russian, the English do not know. Then what is fashionable, then? The boast of? Zadornov has repeatedly ridiculed OK or Wow, who so loved our people. And here is an example that gets me especially. Now it is very cool, especially among young people, shouting a phrase: «You are my respect and uvazhuha!». How to explain such a person that the word Respect (respect) and is translated as respect, therefore, the combination of these two words not only grates on the ear, but is illiterate.

In news programs, television programs, newspapers and magazines, at work and at leisure — the ever-growing number of English words in the Russian language reminiscent of the enemy offensive. In certain areas of life it is still possible to understand and accept. For example, the goalkeeper and striker in football (though there is our goalkeeper and striker), manager and service provider in the trade (and as you head, the administrator for the first word and the supplier for the second), inaugurated in politics and talk shows in the television sector. Very large presence of English words in the Russian language, which belongs to the field of information technology, but there it is, I think, is justified. Although instead of soft words and content can be safe to say the software and content. But these words, I would have reacted to the jargon and professional vocabulary in this area.

But no, we are not enough. If we are going, in order to arrange a supermarket with shopping, at home we grow baby and teenagers, we meet with fights and Gerlach, we Kish. We are interested in PR and glamor, we send a message of all, always waiting for a happy ending, looking into his blockbuster weekend. When we have a break at work, we listen to the soundtrack or go for lunch. When we have troubles, we are going to Salem in order to distract myself. You can enumerate a long time. Personally, I’m sick when I hear all of the above. So my friend, at my request, I will never say Hallow or bye-bye, because for me it is not an indicator of knowledge in the field of English language and a lack of respect for me as a person. And yet, you would have seen my aunt with a surprised look on her face when she read the newspaper ads, and asked: «merchandiser supervisor and — what is this?» Those who know English, much easier. After all, they do not know certain words that appeared in the Russian language can always guess its meaning. And what do the poor grandmothers who want to market? Where to find this market?

Whatever it was, I still urge readers of this article to try not to use unnecessary English words in the Russian language in those moments where it is absolutely required. Let us not lose interest in their native Russian language and not to lower the level of literacy of the population. Ready to listen to any comments and criticisms about the question raised.



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