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English without an accent

Let us imagine the situation. Here you are dealing with two people who are competent, fluent and interesting to talk in English. Yet you know that one of them is a native speaker, and the second — a representative of any other country or nation. How do you know? Appearance and behavior do not take into account. Answer — accent. It is believed that all for whom English is not their native language, speak it with an accent, which distinguishes man.

In linguistics, «accent» called the pronunciation, which reflects the sound characteristics of a foreign language or a dialect, at least the individual contract. That is, in principle, if for us is a native Russian, it means that we in any foreign language will speak with an accent. And there is English without an accent? And it is bad — to speak with an accent?

Pros and cons of an accent in English

I think that the emphasis in humans, learn English, always will be. Albeit in varying degrees, but it will. And I do not see anything wrong with that. The fact is that when pronouncing English sounds are utilized muscles which in Russian speech not actively used or not used at all, and speech organs are unusual for their position. That’s where the focus appears. We do not speak in English since birth, and therefore can not with absolute precision to simulate the pronunciation of a native speaker.

The emphasis, in fact, the phenomenon is not bad. Sometimes it adds charm to its owner, allowing others to guess, with a representative of which nation they are now talking. A case in point is a slight accent, which in no way affects the quality of pronunciation and speech perception. That is all you say clearly, correctly, with the right intonation and rhythm, keeping the pause. You understood the interlocutor, he is interested in you. Your focus can, and will celebrate, but do not pay attention to it.

Worse is the case with rough accent that even «emphasis» is difficult to call. If your speech organs are not working at full strength, refusing to work properly; if you are too lazy to make an effort to sound right, and even more so if you sound incomprehensible to a man with whom I communicate, English without an accent you just displayed. Still, with the flaws of pronunciation, intonation, pauses and correct distribution of stresses need to fight. How to do it?

How to get the English without an accent

Many immediately say that you need to live in an English speaking country to how the virus infected literate pronunciation. But then ideally abroad should also abandon the use of their native language, and switch completely to English. Only in this way you will be able to blunt the desire to speak in Russian, and it will mimic the native speakers. But to go abroad, not everyone can, and sounds nice and in English it would be desirable for everyone, so let’s try to find ways to reduce the appearance of features of our mother tongue in conversation and get English without an accent, although such do not exist in the fullest sense.

First of all, you need to give as much time listening to all sorts of audio materials and video materials. It may be news in English BBC and CNN, in which speakers it can be a model of good English. It can be songs, commercials, short films and cartoons. Enjoying as much as possible. But the main thing — do not just watch and repeat in every possible way for the characters on the screen, and repeated loudly and clearly an unlimited number of times. As they say, repetition — the mother of learning, but only a loud sound in your subconscious foothold precisely the articulation of communication and examples, which then help correctly pronounce sounds correctly use intonation in English.

Mandatory procedure is to record your voice in any medium for later listening. So you can determine what you admit mistakes, and as a result there is an accent. And this is the right way to find all the same English without an accent. Of course, it is desirable that this work helped you a qualified specialist who deals with the phonetics of the English language. A good English tutor on skype can also help you get rid of the accent. How can often train their articulatory apparatus, develop it for pronouncing certain sounds and combinations. It helps rhymes and tongue twisters. The main principle for the English language without an accent — a repetition of the action, and daily exercise. So you will achieve visible results.

Of course, now there are a lot of books, textbooks, multimedia materials are created to perfect your pronunciation, and are aimed at achieving tangible results with regular usage. For example, training for the British standard pronunciation (Receive Pronunciation — RP), work with the book «Get rid of your accent». If you are interested in American pronunciation (General American — GA), you will come to the aid of publications «Accent Reduction Made Easy» and «American Accent Training». As a rule, almost all the benefits for getting rid of an accent fitted with discs with a phonetic material. Or choose to focus on online courses, «Professor Higgins. English without accent! «And» Special training. English without accent. »

Work on how you sound, and you’ll realize that English without an accent is not so unattainable.



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