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English with a native speaker

Offer to learn English with native has long been no surprise. Many training centers run media and successfully teach classes at higher levels of education and conversation clubs for everyone. As an online school, we also offer our students to engage with the carriers, and we want to talk about how it happens.

What is a native English speaker?

First, find out who is a native English speaker. The carrier — a person who was born in one of the English-speaking countries, and grew up in an English speaking environment. That is, the English language is native for him, soaked from birth. For English-speaking countries, in this case include the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, as the language of these countries, with a few differences is considered a modern standard English. In the world there are other countries that speak English, for example, India, the Philippines and some African countries, but unfortunately, it is assumed that in order to learn the language of the media in these countries are not appropriate.

Also often hear, as immigrants who have lived in an English-speaking country for several years, call themselves the bearers. Unfortunately, this is not true. But the media, who lives in another country and teach English — a very common phenomenon.

English with native speakers. Pros and cons

Learning a language with native practiced in pre-revolutionary Russia, and I must say, very well. Who but a man talking to a child in the target language you understand the intricacies? And, as a rule, students often difficulty is not a literary, namely spoken English. The dictionary is not always possible to find a new meaning of a word, publishers simply can not keep up with the ever-changing body language, and the process of communication brings its own requirements — to be aware of. In this situation, a speaker is simply irreplaceable.

Full immersion, British or American pronunciation, conversational pace, modern language — English with a native speaker gives you a lot. Carriers having a great discussion, individual lessons, create a comfortable atmosphere of communication. Learn English with a native speaker — it is also the knowledge of English-speaking culture, the opportunity to learn about the traditions, way of life. And it is a must to those people who have to communicate with foreigners.

But, unfortunately, to know himself — not always be able to teach others. Undoubtedly, a speaker should have a philological education or certificate of passing special training lasting at least 140 hours. Lesson at first glance — a simple activity, but it has its own rules. Ignorance of these rules or failure to exercise turns into a boring and incomprehensible lecture with a gradual loss of interest to the subject.

As many minuses mark the failure of a native speaker to draw analogies with the grammatical and lexical structures in the Russian language. Thus, the student divorced from the foundation of the native language. In my opinion, this does not always prevent, and in some cases, acts with the opposite effect.

Suitable for English lessons with a native?

English lessons with a native speaker will be useful to all students. Of course, if your level of knowledge is only the start, with the support classes will not do you much good. But you can visit them in order to hear the real English language and try to imitate it, and to practice simple phrases. However, we recommend to start regular classes with support ranging from Pre-Intermediate level or Intermediate.

Really useful to engage with the carrier experienced students who have the opportunity to practice speaking skills in living, not a simulated situation. Nothing will prepare you for fugitive communication as classes with native English speakers. In addition, the carrier says it is the language that is used Now, rather than the classic version, which we learn from textbooks.

Most often, turning to the media with a view to overcome the language barrier, in other words, conversations and learn to perceive the English language at the hearing. But the media can lead not only speaking course, but also a variety of specialized courses to teach business English and prepare students for international exams.

Another important task, which is solved in the classroom with the media — is the acquisition of an English accent. The student quickly becomes accustomed to the fluent English speech and begins to automatically copy the correct pronunciation.

English classes by Skype with native speakers

Where do you find a native speaker? You can contact your local training center and learn Are there lessons with native speakers. If you live in a big city, likely to find a teacher is not difficult, we can only solve the question of cost studies, which can be quite high. But there is a more convenient option — you can practice with native English speaker via Skype. This service is very popular, and the lessons with native offers a variety of online schools.

In classes with native English by Skype has a lot of advantages. Firstly, the choice of the carrier is large enough. When a student is drawn to the usual course, he was not given a choice, because usually in the state of course there is only one carrier. The online schools, the situation is different: the online school can cooperate with different carriers, because they are not tied to a school geographically. The support may reside in any English-speaking country, while also giving you a lesson! And since a lot of media, you can personally choose a teacher, listening to his pronunciation, and examining his qualifications.

Secondly, the cost of training in the online school will always be lower than the courses. Online school does not pay rent classrooms and assumes no other expenses, offset by the cost of training in the ordinary course. The teachers do not spend time on the road for work, so their rate may be slightly lower also. All this means that the cost of activities with support in the online school would be more acceptable.

Finally, many students also find classes by Skype with a native speaker more convenient and comfortable because they do not need to go on courses and training takes place at home in familiar surroundings.

In conclusion I would say that many students are afraid of communicating with native English speakers, they feel that they do not understand anything in class, or are afraid to expose themselves not in the best light. In fact, the teacher carrier does not expect anything extraordinary from you. He knows how to build a contact with a student who does not speak his language perfectly, and will be able to understand you, even at the elementary level. In addition, you will not be his first pupil, and it certainly met people who speak as well as you.

If I convinced you and you decide to start the course with a native speaker, I invite you to choose one of the teachers of our school online. Duration of lessons we begin with the 30 minutes, so you do not get tired of communicating in a foreign language. We only work with professional teachers with extensive experience, all of them — attentive, interesting and nice people with whom interesting to talk to. And for those who doubt whether it fits the way of learning, we have provided free introductory lesson with a native speaker. Make up your mind!



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