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English textbooks for children

A little over a decade ago began to teach English to the 5th year of secondary school. And, then, the approximate age of the students was 10-12 years. Now, it is desirable that at this age the teenager already spoke good English and understand foreign speech. After learning of English is compulsory from the first grade, ie 6-7 years. And some children have to teach him, and 3-4 years. Indeed, bearing in mind that most of all the information of his life the child learns to five years, many parents are eager to give their child an English language course, he barely begins to speak in their native language. Good or bad — not judge us. We just try to understand what are the educational materials to teach children English. Moreover, the notion of «children» in this case, is very vague. We will consider «children» aged between 3 and 10 years (approximately).

Of course, effective teaching English child largely depends on the chosen course or a specific series of English language textbooks for children. If you are a teacher, you have, in principle, there is no choice. As a rule, the Ministry of Education itself will determine which English textbooks to engage in secondary schools, whether teachers like them or not. If you want your child to teach themselves the English language, the choice is very versatile — the range of English language textbooks for children is simply amazing. If you’re going to give her child to the courses you would be desirable to focus in the line of English textbooks for the children to know what kind of program examines your child.

As already mentioned, the range of English language textbooks for children stunning. As used in schools? Until recently, and in some schools of Ukraine and now, English language training was conducted on textbooks Plakhotnik VM Maybe twenty years ago, he was in some unique edition, now completely uninteresting and ineffective. Lucky for those schools that are taught and conducted by the CMD (Teaching kit) «Happy English» KI M. Kaufman and Kaufman, approved by the Ministry of Education to teach children in Russian schools. Many teachers are satisfied with the English textbook, defining it as «reflecting all the principles of learning a foreign language.» However, a few years ago, such institutions as the gymnasium, as well as classes with in-depth study of the English language went to the training materials produced by foreign publishers. Today, this educational series of work all foreign language courses. The only question is — what kind of a series of teachers prefer? Indeed, in one institution, you can do on the English textbooks for children publisher Pearson Longman, and in the other you will choose only printed materials publishing Express Publishing. In addition to these two foreign publishers, the most popular are the following: Macmillan and Cambridge University Press. Each teacher will say that it was this series of textbooks for the English language is the best. We can say that in this sense, all the teachers are right — English textbooks for children of all these publishers are diverse, exciting and effective enough. The main thing is not to forget that the entire training course in English textbooks for children should not be difficult, without a lot of difficult texts and grammar explanations. The basis of learning should advocate’s form of songs, stories, poems, rhymes. These English textbooks for children should contain a large number of colorful illustrations. Based on these requests, and taking into account the child’s age, you should choose an English textbook. Below is a list of some of the most popular English language textbooks for children from different publishers.

  1. Pearson Longman
    • My first English Adventure
    • Excellent
    • Wonderland
  2. Cambridge University Press
    • Cool English
    • Join in / Join Us
    • Playway to English
  3. Macmillan
    • Little Bugs
    • Mini Magic
    • Footprints
  4. Express Publishing
    • Happy Hearts
    • Fairy Land
    • Sail Away
    • Welcome
    • Blockbuster
    • Click on

This is only a small part of the English language textbooks for children. If you are interested in any specific publisher, please visit his official page on the Internet, which shows the whole list of products.



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