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Learning English can be arbitrarily long: a month, six months, a year, or devote a significant part of his life. Nevertheless, the result of your perseverance will not entirely depend on this factor. It is possible and for two years to learn English, as well as all know a little. How diligently you follow this process, and determine the final or intermediate result of your level of English proficiency. To the question «Do you know English?» Insufficiently unequivocal answer «Yes» or «No». A more serious and meaningful information about the sound level of your knowledge. Knowing what you can do in English at the moment, will help implement your plans for the future. If you want to continue to study it, you will have to take a test in English. As the result you will be able to choose the right course. On admission to the university at some specialty you will also need to be tested in English. And the results may have a significant impact on your future studies. If you are going to get a job where English is encouraged or required, you also need to test. In this case, you can imagine your future boss objective assessment of your knowledge. Our English language courses for Skype help you prepare for a test of any complexity.

What is tested in English?

The word itself comes from the English test test, indicating the test or inspection. In this case, we consider the test of English as a trial in which you test your level of knowledge in this area. English test may cover any portion of the language:

  • Tests on English grammar
  • tests of vocabulary knowledge (vocabulary) and word combinations
  • tests knowledge of collocations (collocations, idioms)
  • Tests on the perception of the English language (listening)
  • Tests of spelling, pronunciation and many other

As we can see, test in English can be anything you want (any field of knowledge). The most common tests are the first two points. Test of English grammar on our blog in a separate article.

English test can be written and oral. To test knowledge of grammar and vocabulary used a written version. Everything related to speaking and listening it relates to oral English test (usually a conversation or listening).

We perform tests on English alone

If you have a specific purpose for which you need to determine your level of English, or you are just curious to test yourself and your knowledge, use the computer and the World Wide Web. At the moment, the Internet abounds in sites where you can go online English testing. First, almost any site dedicated to learning English, there are tests to determine the level of your knowledge. It is no exception and our website. Below is a list of tests to determine the level that go in order from simple to complex.

  1. A comprehensive test to determine the level of knowledge of English on the website of our school
  2. The test for determining the level: Beginner or Elementary?
  3. The test for determining the level: Elementary or Pre-Intermediate?
  4. The test for determining the level: Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate?
  5. The test for determining the level: Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate?
  6. The test for determining the level: Upper-Intermediate or Advanced?

These tests can be found on other sites, such as:

  1. — tests for grammar and vocabulary.
  2. — determine your level of English.
  3. — Assess your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

If you are not a fan of the interactive test on the internet, buy books for the English test. To determine the choice, visit

Do not forget to be tested in English, gradually testing the new levels for themselves. You truly will be pleased to see that the next peak of the knowledge you conquer!



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