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English subtitles

The benefits of watching movies in English you read not only on our site, but surely you recommend this type of work as one of the most effective. When viewing the film works not only auditory and visual memory, but also the emotional and motor, there is training listening comprehension. All this is fine, but there are movies without subtitles in English, and have their presence. Which one to choose as the most effective?

The benefits and drawbacks of subtitles in English

Subtitles in English, of course, are indispensable assistants in the early stages of training to audition. Since films are focused on the speakers, the speech rate them fairly quickly, there is a large number of colloquial expressions whose meaning is in the early stages of learning English is difficult to understand. Subtitles in English will help you not to lose interest in view movies, to understand not only individual words, but the meaning of the dialogue, and will certainly expand the vocabulary. Therefore, the first viewing of the film should be carried out with pencil and paper. Later, working with the dictionary, you will find out not only the colloquial meaning of the word, but also his overall value. Reading the subtitles in English will also help to train the reading speed.

However, frequent use of the subtitles sometimes leads to the fact that watching movies without the usual text at the bottom of the screen can cause difficulties, especially since the content of the subtitles often somewhat different from the content of the text characters, that is not all we are the actors represented in the subtitles, and only that It conveys the basic sense of the scene. Most English subtitles distracting from the film itself, turning the process into a continuous reading of view. On the development of language guess do not speak. That is why the work with the subtitles should be well thought out, and they should be used only as a supporting part in teaching listening comprehension.

In the later stages of learning English subtitles can be used as a check on understanding the text with repeated viewing of the film.



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