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English Spoken language

The language of culture, literature, media — a literary language. It is the foundation of any language, so how best to express thoughts and ideas. Along with the literary language exists spoken variant. Unlike the literary language, a more formal, English spoken language is used in a variety of everyday situations. The use of the language depends on the scope of the purposes of communication and communicative act.

Features of English spoken language

A distinctive feature is its colloquial unpreparedness, the spontaneity and the obligatory presence of the interlocutor, whether direct contact or talking on the phone. It is full of jargon and slang. Despite the arbitrariness of speech and apparent lack of rules in the English colloquial language Yet there are certain rules. For example, there is the frequent omission of the subject in conversation:

Are you busy? Yes, reading the book. — Are you busy? Yes, I read a book.

Interrogative sentences based on the type of affirmative:

You’re Tim’s friend? — You’re a friend of Tim?

Often there is the omission of the auxiliary verb in the interrogative sentences of English spoken language.

Your mother look after this garden? — Your mom watches garden?

English spoken language is replete with abbreviations. Observed not only an abbreviated form: he’s, will not, and the forms of English words: phone on the telephone, cause of because, exam of the examination. Americans cut the whole grammatical constructions. Instead: I’m going to — I’m gonna, get you — getcha.

English spoken language is always accompanied by facial expressions and gestures that actually caused the speech situation. As a consequence, conversation is always more emotionally colored. Emotional speech gives the use of the amplifier turns. For example, a dialect that has great emotional expressiveness, and displaces more neutral so, mostly in negative sentences.

It is not that simple. — It’s not so easy.

He is not that poor. — It is not so poor.

You can also watch the frequent use of a double negative, from the point of view of the literary language is considered an error.

I can not get no benefit. — I can not get any benefits.

English spoken language it is advisable to learn only after studying the language. Basic knowledge of spoken English in some situations it may be necessary.



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