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English orthography

The term «spelling», which occurred on the combination of two words of Greek language, defines the spelling system of rules for the expression of the language in written form. English orthography presented word spelling, and to be spelled correctly and write can be summed up in one verb to spell. Spelling is one of the most important aspects of the language, and the study of English spelling should be paid attention to. In the words of well-known German and English philologist Friedrich Maximilian Müller: «The English spelling — it is a national disaster!». And so it is.

English orthography, established by virtue of its peculiar historical development, is considered one of the most difficult among the Indo-European languages. After all, as the words are spoken in English, it does not mean that they are as they are written. In this case, the classic example is the word daughter to the pronunciation of which is used four sounds, and for writing — 8 letters. That is, in the words of the written version of a lot of letters that simply are not pronounced. And some just do not have the spoken sounds of graphic design. These features are sometimes introduced into the stupor of many learners of English. As the rules of reading with a huge number of exceptions, which generally call into question the appropriateness of their existence.

How to cope with the English orthography? What you need to do in order to write correctly? Common answers to these questions do not exist, as appropriate for each study English. Of course, you must learn the rules of spelling. But it seems to me, it is better just to remember how to spell and pronounce each word (and the like). For this purpose, and there are spelling dictionaries.

Training materials on the English orthography

If you prefer to perform tasks on a computer in English, look for a program specifically designed to check the spelling of different languages. For example, Intellexer Spellchecker SDK from the Effective Soft. Using the 30-day trial, you will be able to evaluate its effectiveness.

Do you prefer to use the materials available on the Internet? Visit the Resource Here you will find the English alphabet, the rules of English spelling, punctuation rules for the use and application of caps.

And, of course, are always printed out of the competition! There are many textbooks, manuals, reference books for study and testing of spelling. You may be interested in the book Ivanova N. «English orthography», published «East-West». This book presents both the historical aspects of formation of spelling rules and spelling and pronunciation of English. Of course, of particular interest are paragraphs on homonyms — words that are themselves difficult moment in English (Homonyms — words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently). A large number of examples and exercises to help you master the spelling of the English language.

Among the books of foreign publishers want to choose to focus on the series of books such as «Practical Spelling» (Publishing Learning Express, New York) and «Spelling Steps» (publishing Saddleback Educational Publishing). Working with the materials of the manuals, you expand your knowledge of English orthography and spelling practice skills.

Teachers will be interesting: a practical guide «Teaching English Spelling» (Ruth Shemesh) and reference «Goof-Proof Spelling» (Felice Primeau Devine).

You can learn English by Skype or Tutor, most importantly do not forget to pay attention to the spelling of the English language. It’s your guarantee of competent writing. But do not forget that there is no limit to perfection, so how to write in English, you will learn all my life, because language develops with us!



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