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What’s that, and English on the Internet is presented so many resources that simply dazzled. Try, for example, enter into Google the phrase «English». Your attention will appear 318 million references. Physically, you will not even be able to browse a number of sites. But this is not required — we are looking for anything, we set specific search parameters. In general, the global network — it is an amazing invention of mankind, that its importance must not be evaluated ever. After all, she does not cease to grow. Now the Internet can, if desired, replace all: the epistolary genre, phone calls, television, radio, printed materials, and more. It is not surprising that English is extremely popular on the Internet.

If you are a teacher, then the English language on the Internet, presented by a large number of educational resources can be of great help in your language practice. By studying the materials presented at numerous sites, you can not only learn new information, but also to generate new ideas for the learning process. In this sense, it is very useful portals such as — the brainchild of the resource, which was created specifically for teachers of English and, serving the same purpose. How many online forums where English teachers share their experience and innovative ideas! Their knowledge and achieve a truly priceless. Visit one of these forums on the site Translators (the people, not the dictionary) is also given enough attention. English on the Internet for them is represented by a cycle of specialized literature, multimedia materials, any information from completely different areas of activity in a foreign language. And if we talk about electronic dictionaries, and it is important to those who like more remarkable heavy printed Talmud, it is worth paying attention to the resource and

Now let’s talk about those who selflessly studying English. First, the cons: the emergence of the English on the Internet is very much facilitated the work of those who do not learn the language at will, and as needed. These primarily include students (hopefully not all). Homework is easy: a topic on any subject at your disposal (even no need to invent anything), essay on any subject immediately, and if the teacher has to find a book to the required textbook, the textbook, and all will be revealed at a glance. But despite this, the English language on the Internet more than the merits than drawbacks. That there is another opportunity to learn English via Skype. The network can find and download (and sometimes free) almost any textbook teaching material or a book. Those who prefer to buy materials and own personally printed sample (which is much better than the printed sheets of A4) are satisfied that any book can be purchased at the online store. You will take it even from the United States and Great Britain, is only to have the necessary financial means. The same applies to audio and video recordings. Someone buys someone downloads, but the main thing — it’s all available, and these things are very effective in the study of the English language. English on the Internet can be improved in other ways: listening to broadcast English-speaking countries; watch the news and programs of the United States, Britain online; read the foreign press (including the most popular tabloids Daily Mirror, The Sun, and others.), solve all sorts of puzzles and riddles in English; perform tests … the list could still continue. To confirm his words indicate some useful resources from different areas:

  • — online radio stations.
  • — American channel program.
  • — the newspaper «The Sun».

And all the said information can be found at the two sites, which are guided on the resources of the English language on the Internet: and

Opportunities for learning English online are endless. And that was where to start, visit some of the proposed sites and you will see that the English language on the Internet — a window not only in Europe but also in the whole world!



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