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English menu

Let’s take a little trip? Imagine that you are in the country you have long dreamed of visiting. For example, in this country, one of the main language is English. You are targeting a good idea in the foreign language, but nonetheless, you still have much to learn and discover. Here you have visited some sightseeing, acquainted with the culture of this country, taste, so to speak, «spiritual food» and the time came to quench their arisen hunger (hunger). What to do? Where to go and have a snack (to have a snack) or a full meal (to have breakfast / lunch / dinner)? How to understand the English menu (menu), which is offered in the institution?

At your choice, you can proceed to the coffee shop at the hotel, where live (coffee shop), a snack bar (pub / snack bar / diner), diner fast service of the «fast-food» (fast-food, McDonald’s), luxury restaurant (luxury restaurant), shop (cafeteria). In this case, you will be guided by their culinary preferences and financial capabilities, defining products (prices) as a cheap (cheap), dear (expensive) and moderate in price (reasonable price).

In any decent cafe, snack bar and the restaurant all the more present you the menu in English, which will help you decide on the dishes and ingredients that you would like to try. But do not forget that you need to visit the restaurant to understand the etiquette of this institution; good knowledge of equipment that serves the table (which is a large number of spoons, forks, knives, plates, glasses for different foods and drinks — more about this in the article «English restaurant»), as well as to be aware that, from what parts of the menu is in English.

Before you proceed directly to the menu in English, please note that there are also several ways of ordering food:

  1. Salad bar — «salad bar» — a fixed price order, self-service, the amount of food determined by the size of a saucer;
  2. Buffet — «buffet» — self-service, unlimited food for a fixed price of the order;
  3. A la carte — order each dish on the menu separately;
  4. Table d’hote — an integrated order (three meals a fixed price of the entire order).

What is a menu in English?

Let’s say you went into the restaurant, sat down at a table, and the waiter (waiter) immediately provided you with a menu in English. Let’s try to learn and understand what you are offering to taste. In any menu you can find here such sections:

  • aperatif — aperitif (alcoholic drink that drink before a meal);
  • appetizer — appetizer (food that is served before the main course for appetite);
  • cold platter / hors d’oeuvre — cold snacks;
  • entrée / the main course — a main course;
  • soup / the first course — the first course;
  • sweets / dessert — the dessert;
  • game — game;
  • poultry — poultry;
  • cheeseboard — cheese assortment;

The components of each of these menu items in the English language may be quite different. It depends on the cuisine served in this restaurant. To easily understand the unfamiliar dishes, still need to be familiar words on food products, ingredients. But if you’re interested, you can as an example read the menu in English, which is served in a restaurant in St. Petersburg. Try no translation to understand what you can taste in this institution — Also, you may need the vocabulary for competent order of your favorite dishes —

Separately, let’s look at beverages that you choose yourself or on the advice of the sommelier (sommelier / wine waiter — restaurant worker, is responsible for the acquisition, storage of wine (wine) and presenting them to the client). What other drinks are available in the English menu? First of all, it can be soft (soft drinks), alcoholic (low-alcohol drinks), or spirits (hard drinks / spirits). Someone like carbonated (fizzy / sparkling / carbonated drinks), and some non-carbonated liquid (still drinks). Alcoholic most famous are: champagne (champagne), whiskey (whisky), rum (rum), brandy (cognac), liquor (liqueur) and a range of cocktails (cocktail).

So you ate in any English-speaking restaurant. Menu in English, read a familiar book, therefore, ordered the most delicious. I hope you will help this stuff, and you’ll feel confident when visiting any restaurant or cafe.



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