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English lessons at school

As the results of a survey conducted among students in secondary schools, English is present in the list of favorite subjects, and is usually one of the first places. Sure, love of the subject — it is a merit of teachers of English who maintain a constant interest in the subject by means of various new methods and teaching aids.

How to diversify English lessons at school

Lesson — this is the main organizational form of schooling. The modern teacher just 45 minutes to implement the main features of the lesson — communication. Undoubtedly, the success of the classes you need to take into account the age peculiarities of students and their individual abilities. Frequent changes of learning activities, from four to seven, will provide support to the attention throughout the session.

English lessons at school nice to start with a warm-up. For the lower grades it may be little rhyme or tongue twisters. Warm help students adjust not only to the «English style», but will repeat some grammar topics studied. For example, during a conversation, «What you had to do today» in high school as a warm-up time takes repetition Present Perfect.

Lecture way of presenting new material at English lessons in the school is unlikely to cause a lively interest in the students. For schoolchildren game moments are irreplaceable both in explaining topics as well as in consolidating the already studied. At the age of 7-10 years in the child there is a need in the game. It helps to shape the child’s personal qualities and his attitude toward people. Therefore, for the effective conduct lessons in English at the school must take into account this fact.

Poll homework in middle and senior management will be less like a spy-examination by the board if it will be a group process. Working in pairs, first of all, it implements a communicative function, fosters English dialogue, promotes removal of the language barrier. Weaker children feel confident in the group are also implementing their knowledge.

Especially popular in recent years becomes a method of projects in high school. Teacher training in this method plays the role of organizer. Students conduct their own research on the subject, engaged in search and processing of information, registration of the results. This activity develops the creative potential of the individual student and, of course, increases the interest in the study of the subject.

English lessons at school should take place in an atmosphere of emotional and psychological comfort, which is a prerequisite for the effective conduct of classes.



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