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English in primary school

Children in elementary school eagerly begin to learn English. When reading and writing to them more or less familiar to the English in a primary school for most of them — the subject of a new one. As with all new, this subject has attracted considerable interest pupils of primary school age, and the most important thing for a teacher — to keep this interest.

English in primary school

First of all, we must remember that the child does not tolerate any pressure and actively resisted him, in contrast to adults who have to comply with many rules. Explain to the child that the English language will need further his business life — it is useless. He wants everything here and now. That is why the learning process should be creative. Particular attention should be paid to the gaming techniques that allow the situation to ensure the success of each student. As the experience of schoolchildren of primary school age are not very big, at English lessons in primary school, they are taught not only to communicate in a foreign language, but the process itself. In English lessons at primary school teachers need to follow a few conditions for obtaining positive results:

  1. Careful selection of situations. They should be simple and understandable for students.
  2. The participation of everyone in the communication process. If the child will not feel its importance, it is likely to lose interest in the subject.
  3. Creating an enabling environment for dialogue. Children sensitive to criticism. For fear of making a mistake many in English lessons at primary school there as a silent observer. Therefore, many methods of calling in the early stages of learning English is not correct children in general. But if there is a need to point out the error, it must be done in the most gentle manner.
  4. Novelty. Interest in the job at the school of primary school age disappears after 10-15 minutes, so that a change of the activities is a must.

English in primary school — it is not only the process of memorizing lexical units, is primarily situational speech reproduction, what actually should seek a teacher. Parents also have an important role in the learning process. In the early stages of learning English, they can help not only to consolidate the lesson at home, but also to strengthen it.



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