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English in pictures

In the English language, you can use all the materials that are available to you. In addition, a variety of available tools to help make the learning process is not only very useful and productive, but also very interesting. The range of textbooks, as well as training manuals in English, is simply amazing. Of course, the choice of materials will depend on the purpose of learning the English language and its scope, the age of the student and his funds. However, whatever your learning process and preferred materials, be sure to use visuals and illustrations. One way or another, but much of the information a person perceives through visual images. This is especially true visual — people who learn better images than heard. Therefore, the English language in the pictures — this is what you need, especially if you’re just starting to learn English!

How is represented by English in the pictures? First of all, it’s all possible sets of cards with images: as a rule, on the back side of the card is written the English word, and on the front — illustration of what it means. This word may be any parts of speech. Secondly, there are a large number of books devoted to the English language in pictures. They also are called, for example, the book by IA Richards and Gibson KM, which can be downloaded online In it you will find plenty of illustrations and explanatory texts on various fields of knowledge, ranging from simple to complex things and concepts. Very easy to use and quite useful picture dictionaries. They have almost every foreign publisher. Learn new vocabulary with a dictionary photo «Longman Photo Dictionary» — a pleasure. In this case, the English language pictures presented colorful illustrations to the words grouped by topic, and a list of expressions and structures in which it is used or another word. These dictionaries in English only, the vocabulary they do not have the translation. After all, they rely on the fact that looking at the picture, you’ll be able to understand the translation of the word. If you need a translation dictionaries, purchase or download, «the English-Russian Dictionary in Pictures.»

In addition to these materials to learn English, you can use all sorts of coloring books and comics (when talking about children), the English crossword puzzles, tests and illustrated (for adults). If you have already decided that you will learn English in the pictures, please visit the following two site:

  • — here you will find materials for teaching children English in pictures.
  • — a wonderful source of information devoted entirely to the study of English in pictures. Apart from the illustrations and vocabulary for them, you can also listen to the pronunciation of a word.

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