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English humor

One of the main qualities that we would like to see when dealing with a man is his excellent sense of humor. Still, you can not always take everything seriously. There are situations when, without the jokes just do not get along. Well, if a person can not just laugh at anything, but on himself, if necessary. So you look decent in the most absurd situations and offended worthless. When we talk to each other using humor as a rule, everything is clear, and therefore funny. And how to behave in a conversation with a foreigner, in our case, with the Englishman?

Remember what you heard epithets at the mention of British humor. I come to mind — unfunny, absurd, flat, stupid, uninteresting. Why are we so judge their art joke? After all, England — a country in which as elsewhere are able to laugh at themselves. The answer is: very often we just do not understand their jokes, so in order not to be in the absurd situation (skip joke deaf ear, do not react in time, do not be sarcastic in response), we disown English humor as such.

We do not understand English humor because we — the representatives of two different countries and nationalities. Each of us have our habits, lifestyle, history, customs and traditions, their own government, their own preferences, etc. Therefore, we can not understand what’s so funny in a particular joke in English. But the Englishman himself, he may seem incredibly funny. The same rule works in reverse: the translation of our jokes into English can be either completely lose its meaning, or she would still be incomprehensible to an Englishman, because he does not know our reality.

The English laugh at anything: the government, on the weather, on their behavior, on their traditions over their excessive stiffness over their historical facts. Very often, they seem to us vulgar jokes, using taboo language, the names of body parts, impartial processes of the body, sex subjects. Although if you sue, we also laugh about it, so I would not have called English humor too vulgar.

English humor is everywhere — in TV programs, advertisements, commercials, soap operas. Now we are also very popular overseas comedy television series, in which when a joke is heard in the background Homeric laughter. Although, if you notice, it is rarely funny. But we are, we are there, they should we any different? Just communicating with foreigners try to be more attentive to what they say. And also, if necessary, you can smile and laugh, even if you do not quite understand what it was about.

Examples of English humor

Of course, when you read a collection of jokes of English, but translated into Russian, almost laughing. Well, they do not seem funny to me, what can you do about it. For example:

Two Englishman survived a shipwreck on a desert island. On the ship, they did not know each other. A year later, when they were removed from the island, they did not know how to call each other. Because there was no one to introduce them to each other!

In London, talk to the two men:
— What’s your last name?
— Shakespeare.
— Oh, this name is well known.
— Still would! I’m twenty years milk breed in the area.

More winning English humor seems to me the following statements:

— How will the hash in English?
— Oh, baby!

— What do you call a man with no left ear, left eye, left arm and left leg?
— All right!

I would advise you to get acquainted with the example of English humor authentic English-language jokes or anecdotes. The main part of the British jokes is based on a play of words, so they understand the need to be proficient as their own, and foreign language. In this case, you are sure to see that the British do have a good sense of humor.

— Will you tell me your name?
— Will Knot.
— Why not?

— What do ghosts serve for dessert?
— Ice Scream

— Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
— No body

A policeman pulled over a speeding motorist and asked, «Do you have any ID?» The motorist replied, «About what?»

There are three ways a man wears his hair — parted, unparted and departed.

I like your approach … Let’s see your departure.

If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together!

Do not steal, the Government hates competition!

Last joke should be clear to everyone, and the British and us!

If you like British humor, and you want to get to know him better, I read English jokes and funny stories, go to the website Here you will find a large number of books on the topic «English Jokes», which I’m sure you will fall to your liking. Also very informative English Humor Gallery and British Jokes. Laugh heartily!



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