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The number of those wishing to learn English is increasing every day, but unfortunately, due to various reasons to implement this intention turns out not all. The stumbling block is often a simple lack of time or financial constraints. In these circumstances, an independent study of the English language is almost the only way out.

Is it possible to learn English at home

The answer is simple. If you have the motivation, you can conquer any peak. But, as each method, from the self-study English at home has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide to learn English at home, we should start with the proper organization of the process. Firstly, decide to temporary employment. Make a clear timetable, lessons should be regular. Holds the following 60-90 minutes with a mandatory break for 5-10 minutes.

To choose the right textbook corresponding to your skill level, you must pass the tests to the level of proficiency in English. Textbook should choose one in which there are not only the standard exercises and creative activities that will support and interest in the process of learning English at home and realize the communicative approach.

Do not forget about the importance of vocabulary. The dictionary should be chosen no less than 50 thousand words. It is this amount will qualitatively familiar with the meaning of the word.

Use of audio materials to help you in the formulation of pronunciation, vocabulary, and accelerate the process of listening comprehension. A wide selection of audio books, various courses on CD-ROM not only diversifies the process of learning English at home, but also allow to hear a native speaker while on the road or doing household chores.

Reading in English — as an important part of the learning process. It is an active reading occurs involuntary memorizing correct grammatical models. This process will not only expand your vocabulary, but also develop a sense of language.

Watching movies in English without significance also in teaching listening. As with the audio material, you will not only learn new words, to teach pronunciation, intonation, but also have the opportunity to get acquainted with spoken English.

A significant drawback of learning English at home — is the lack of live communication in a foreign language. The solution of this problem will help the Internet. With Skype software, you can try your hand at communicating with a native speaker. Start to learn English by Skype you can on our website.

Studying English at home, you can choose the right pace for you study, the methodology, and a comfortable working space and comfortable environment positively affect the emotional mood in the learning process.

Do not forget about the importance of the practice of their knowledge. Text translation liked songs, comment himself his actions and those of others, communicate in English whenever possible, and be sure your efforts will be crowned with success.



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