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English Grammar Tables

«Everything in the world can be described by formulas» — the mathematicians say. And, probably, it is really possible. They like to feed accurate information and do not like the «water.» The accuracy and brevity of information about English grammar in the tables will not only help students with the initial level of knowledge, but also to those who study it for a long time.

Using tables of English grammar

Table — this is, above all, a special form of posting information. The table is entered only the base material, replacing a number of standard pages. Tables are necessary additional material for learning English, first of all, thanks to the completeness of the presentation of the studied material. Grammar of the English Language in the tables can also help organize the material. The principle of visibility — the main advantage of the tables in the process of learning English, which is also largely saves the time to explain the new material. Tables material on a particular topic is served in full, and not piecemeal, making it easier to search for a particular media. English Grammar in the tables will not only consolidate the material covered, but simply restore a previously studied.

Tables focused on students entry level contain only simple, basic stuff. They do not require further explanation of the teacher and easy to use on their own. The tables are designed for students of advanced level, contain complicated elements, the basic rules that explain them, placed outside of the table.

Grammar rules of the English language at the tables, you can create your own. The value of this work is significant, because in their compilation you again worked for the studied material, but the principle of building such a table is simple and clear for you. In addition, the table does not take up much space, and access to the information you do not require a lot of time.

English Grammar Tables — a clarity and ease of understanding of the studied material, and at independent work, it is a fast and efficient recovery of the information you need. No matter whether you are teaching English by Skype, are doing a course or prefer self, you definitely need a table.

On our site you can find some information on English grammar, presented in tabular form:

  1. Table of irregular verbs in English
  2. Table: plural nouns
  3. Table Times English
  4. Table: conditional sentences
  5. Tables of interrogative sentences at times
  6. The subjunctive mood in a simple sentence (Oblique Moods in a Simple Sentence)
  7. Ways of expression future action
  8. Subjunctive forms in a complex sentence in schemes



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