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English for the month

Human nature is essentially lazy enough. Catching anything, in any case we are trying to find a way to do it faster and easier. And only in the absence thereof, we are making the necessary efforts to achieve their goals. Or throw it matter if perseverance and patience is not enough. Learning foreign languages ​​is also subject to the desire to do everything in a hurry.

So full of shelves Offers English language courses and resources online advertising that this organization or this guide will help you to learn English in an hour, a day, a month, two or three months, etc. As they say, underline. And, of course, the demand for such products and services is available. Selecting decisions about how much you should study English, it depends only on the man and his aspirations. I would like to express my opinion on the study of English in the past month, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

How to learn English in a month?

First of all, make a reservation, I am firmly convinced that to learn English or for a month or two or six months is impossible. Many people will support me, and many refute my statements. How many people, so many opinions. But before settling disputes on this issue, let’s define what we mean by the phrase «to learn English.»

What kind of variant of English we say? We want to prepare for the exam, passing which quietly forget this foreign speech or exam that will decide if we go abroad or not? We’re going to get a job in a company with foreign partners, and we need to have an interview? We just want to go to relax? Or maybe we want to learn the full English, which we use for our life as needed? On what motivated you are pursuing, and will depend on your way of learning English.

Is it possible to learn English in a month? Prepare for the exam — I think, yes. Going on vacation — yes, a certain number of colloquial phrases you will learn to communicate. To be interviewed — yes, and sense? If you then have to work with the language, the monthly rate is not enough. A full study of the English language over the last month we did not go.

I can not judge the founders of courses to learn English for a month or two months. To be honest, I myself such courses never used, because they are not interested in me for the reason given above. But since people are looking for them, I can not say a few words about them. What is the course «English for a month?» Basically it is a certain amount of audio and video, the work that you comprehend the language in record time. Nobody argues that listening to audio and viewing video clips beneficial effect on the learning process. It is very useful. Also, no one disputes the fact that with the help of mnemonics, you can quickly learn the necessary vocabulary of the English language. By the way, mnemonics — a set of techniques and methods to facilitate storing the necessary information and increase the amount of memory by creating associations. It is well-known tactics to learn English. Therefore, I do not think that in this sense the course «English for the month» will offer you something new.

If we go to the website, or, see that all three courses of accelerated learning English this month, and even promise to provide you with instant results for good money. Their ads are full of calls simply discard all old and inefficient, in their opinion, the methods of learning a language and be sure to choose exactly what they offer. However, what is so bad learning English at a normal pace can not be explained.

Methods 25 frame provided by the resource and based on the work with your subconscious mind, which is to enter the matched information in your brain without your active participation.

Yes, devoting himself to the English language over the last month, you learn somehow to communicate in this language, memorize some phrases for conversation; learn as planned words hardly understand well the principles of grammar and structure of the language; I doubt that will practice the correct pronunciation is hardly learn to write correctly, but it may start reading English literature, it is not difficult, of course. And I do not think the English language devoted a month, you’ll be able to properly perceive and understand by hearing native speakers. If your goal is training in this, go for it.

If you focus on quality and long-term use of English, do not even pay attention to such courses of English language training for a month. If you need to prepare something, and time to spare, you better do some work intensively with language: how to listen more and watch for a few hours a day; possible find, someone to talk, and talk, too, at least an hour or two a day. Or you can try the English lessons via skype, during which you will help an experienced teacher. Parallel read grammar references, in which grammar is presented in the form of clear tables and do not forget to pay attention to the words. Patience and a little effort.

I told him about how I perceive learning English this month. I will be glad to hear any comments on this matter and find out about the results of those who have used or uses this method.



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