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English for preschoolers

For each parent his child kindest, beautiful, intelligent. This is natural and understandable. It is clear and the desire of parents to give their child the best of everything. The long list includes the best education. The pace of life in recent decades has increased almost twice, and now our children are playing, start to «nibble» granite science earlier and earlier.

Notes English teaching preschoolers

English for preschool children — an extremely important topic. Learning foreign languages ​​is nowadays considered one of the parents of prestigious activities for their children. But beyond the desire to teach the child a foreign language, to solve many more issues related to this decision. Most often, the parents as the first foreign language chosen English as the most widespread nowadays. And then there is sometimes not easy to find answers to the questions: «At what age to start training?», «How to choose a teacher?», «Can teach English to preschool?», «Which method is more effective?». Let’s try to sort out first.

The optimal age for learning English

Start training at any age. Early learning contributes to a better development of memory, stimulates personal development. Playing in different languages ​​helps the child more perfect development of the brain. Children learn much more easily than adults, they are like a sponge, absorb new information. If you create a child needed «language conditions», English would be his second native language. Methods of teaching English for preschoolers are varied and interesting. The main activity of the child is a game. After the game, he knows the world, try on different social roles. It’s shape is able to interest a baby in his new language, so incomprehensible at first glance.

Who will train more efficiently

English for preschoolers offers a variety of language courses. If their choice is important to remember a few things. The optimal time for classes — no more than 30 minutes. Difficult to keep the child’s attention longer than 15 minutes, after which it needs a change of activity. Choose a group in which no more than 7 people, or your child gets lost in a crowd of peers. And of course teaching methods for preschoolers must comply with the age group of the child.

Individual approach to teaching English to preschoolers will provide a tutor. It must be «pre-school» specialist.

If you speak a foreign language well, teach yourself English preschooler — great. And do not be afraid of the lack of knowledge concerning the technique. Start with the simplest — with learning the simple poems and songs. Gradually enter into it with foreign words. Read your child a fairy tale, watch cartoons, word, trust intuition and turn fantasy.

Praise your child for any even small achievements, and your efforts will be rewarded.



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