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English for Business Communication

Our life does not stand still. Developing States, are improving economic relations between the countries, there are new forms of cooperation in business (for example, international companies). Of course, any time required skilled workers who would be owned not only in English, and sometimes in several languages ​​at a high level. However, in the XXI century greatly increased the demand for highly qualified people who can communicate fluently in English in business. There is no single course of business English for all sectors, be it economics or politics. Of course there is a base of basic knowledge and skills that form the backbone of information in business English. A study followed the profession in which the person works, or who is studying at the moment. Only in this way can be qualitatively to master English for business communication.

That also includes the concept of «English for business communication»?

Typically, entrepreneurs, employees of international companies, secretaries must be able to communicate, conduct correspondence and all documentation in English. They should be easy to resume in English and present themselves in an interview. For them is not difficult to talk on the phone with a representative of a foreign company. They are able to negotiate or presentation in English. The ability to organize a trip, make any document to support the business conversation competently — all of the above, and raises the level of professionalism of the person who has mastered and continue to master English for business communication.

Many qualified foreign language courses offer their students a class, defined as «Business English». In these courses you will learn the vocabulary of a formal style and clichés, perform a variety of tests and exercises devoted to business and the economy in general, remember a lot of dialogues in English for expanding vocabulary and practice speaking, listen to audio and watch videos from different interviews, learn the basics of office work and business etiquette. As can be seen — a lot of work. But you can start learning English for business communication independently, using textbooks, teaching aids and multimedia files. — Audio and video recording of all areas of activity can be found on the Internet. You can also download and tutorials. One of the best English language courses for business communication course is a «Market Leader» from the publisher Longman. This course has a number of levels (Elementary to Upper-Intermediate). Tutorials and wheels of the course can be purchased at specialty stores, but they are quite expensive. Some of the material from this course you can free download on the Internet, but you need to look good. Try to visit the site — you will surely find what you need.

Also pay attention to the following books:

  • «English for business communication» Gertrude Gaudsvard
  • «Business English Course» IS Bogatsky, NM Dyukanovoy
  • «Business communication. Business communication» NL Kolesnikova
  • «Business English for successful managers» A. Petrochenkova
  • «English for businessman» in two volumes, GA Dudkina

We can offer to teach business English via skype, try it and you’ll be happy with the result.

Learning English for business communication will open up new opportunities. The main thing — to outline the purpose and do not turn off the chosen path!



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