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English fast

«Haste makes waste» — an old Russian proverb runs like a watch at all times. Quality things in a hurry are not born. In olden times, people have worked for years as apprentices, learning all the intricacies of the craft, then to become master craftsmen. Now the time is valued above all else. Unfortunately, people’s ability to move quickly in space, using the vehicle, does not apply to a person’s ability to receive the information quickly, even using different techniques. In my opinion, in the last decade people damned fat and lazy, spoiled by a variety of means, but laziness — it is a direct way to stupidity. Number of people exercising your brain, unfortunately, is becoming less and less, but in the regiment who want to buy any skills in the shortest possible time, for example to learn English quickly, and preferably without much effort, alas, comes. However, demand creates supply. Let’s try to give some advice to anyone.

How to learn English quickly

My personal attitude to the speed of this process is extremely negative. And the concept of «fast» relative: for someone a month — quickly, and for someone — two years. Quickly you can acquire a certain minimum vocabulary that will allow you to talk on various everyday topics, but which, alas, is not enough in discussing philosophical. Also, important is your ultimate goal of learning English. If it’s just a tourist trip, for communication will be enough phrase, but if it is the conduct of negotiations for the development of literate speech will take time. Another important factor is the ability of perception, and it is known, all different.

And yet there is one simple pattern associated with learning English quickly. The more time you give the English language, the faster you will achieve the desired result. Catching every day for at least 30-40 minutes, you will achieve much better results than those who do the same, but one time a week for 2-3 hours.

To learn English quickly, it is necessary to «surround» himself the language. Listen to the English language, using a variety of audio recording, read English literature, communicate over the Internet, to apply their knowledge at every opportunity. Only dramatic, intense action, able to give results quickly.

But then again, quickly learning English is not a qualitative study of the language. There is a high probability of «run» by, seemingly minor but very important things later. If you are not only extreme circumstances force you to learn English quickly, are not allowed in this way headlong. «Hurry slowly», — said Russian and British echoes the same truth: «Take your time».



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