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English exercises

Exercises (exercises) in English — is the main way to secure the examination of the information and the repetition of previously studied material. The whole theory we will work out on exercise, as it re-use of certain rules of practice and gives a positive result, leaving in our memory information about the English language.

Exercises in English, you can check how well remember the new words; how easily a person versed in the rules of English grammar; how quickly he is able to think logically and make certain phrases and expressions, etc. Scope of application exercises a lot of English. Accordingly, the exercise can be quite different, depending on what function they perform and what results are aimed. Even if you decide to learn English by Skype or enroll in a course, the teacher will be required to ask you exercises to consolidate the material and check the level of knowledge.

Ten or fifteen years ago, we studied English textbooks «their» production, that is released in our country by our authors and publishers. In other words, people who had learned English, studied pedagogy and teaching methods. The material was presented in textbooks in a state language, whether Russian or Ukrainian.

Currently, almost all instruction in English, except for some schools, is based on the English-language training courses, designed and produced by foreign publishers, for example, such world-renowned, as Oxford and Cambridge. All information in these books are in English, not only exercise, but also the job (instructions) for these exercises. And this fact leads to confusion those who are just beginning to learn English and has no dictionary database to understand what needs to be done in this exercise in English. I hasten to please: English exercises on the same type, so by studying a certain vocabulary, memorizing certain types of jobs, you can easily perform any exercise in English from any source, of course, if your level of proficiency it enables you to.

English exercises: Examples of assignments

What are the tasks in the exercises in English you can find? And what words to remember, to understand what is required of you in a particular case? As an example, take the tutorial is now a popular English course New English File, open it and look at the exercise in English on several pages. Here are some tasks you can meet:

  1. Listen and read. Number the pictures. — Listen and read. Number the pictures. (This can be a dialogue in English record, having heard that, you have to determine what the picture shows each dialogue)
  2. Write the words in the chart. — Enter the word in the table. (Words usually indicated below and in Table multiple columns).
  3. Copy the rhythm. — Repeat the intonation and rhythm.
  4. Complete the sentences with … — Finish the sentence, inserting the words appear.
  5. Underline … in these words / sentences. — Emphasize … these words, sentences.
  6. Repeat the dialogues. — Repeat the dialogues.
  7. Roleplay the dialogues. — Act out the dialogue.
  8. Explain the highlighted word. — Explain the meaning of the selected word.
  9. Look at the photos. In pairs, ask and answer the questions. — Look at the photos. To work out issues in pairs. (First one defines the other corresponds and vice versa).
  10. Match the words and pictures. — Choose the right word to the picture (map them).
  11. Circle the correct answer. — Circle the correct answer. (This can be record, having heard that you choose the appropriate option. Or simply a matter of a few possible answers, one of which is correct).
  12. Answer the questions. — Answer the questions.
  13. Put … in the correct order. — Put in the correct order … (sequence). (This is a set of words of which must make a bid, a list of events that are to be numbered, depending on what happened and when).
  14. Correct the following words / sentences. Find mistakes in these words / sentences. — Correct the following words, sentences. (Find the mistakes).
  15. Fill in the gaps in these sentences (with suitable …) — Fill in the blanks in these sentences (using the appropriate …)
  16. Find a word in the diagram above that fits each definition. — For each definition find a suitable word in the diagram shown above.
  17. Choose a word from the box below to match each definition. — For each definition, select the right word from the frame, below.
  18. Write a sentence using each of these words. — Write sentences using these words.
  19. Describe … — Describe …
  20. Work with a dictionary. — Work with the dictionary.
  21. Translate these words / sentences. — Put the words and sentences.
  22. Tick ​​- Tick.
  23. Cross out — Cross out.
  24. Cross — Mark Cross.
  25. Cover the text — Close the text. (And play back all that is written there. Memory training).

Here are the main types of jobs for the exercises in English, which you can find in any tutorial. Now you will not feel at a loss and do the exercise without problems.



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