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English Dictionary online

Dictionary — is not just a printed edition, is something more. Dictionary — is, above all, help in the process of learning English. The decision to study a foreign language — is akin to the decision to embark on the difficult, long, but very exciting and interesting way. And no other way to begin is difficult and risky. This dictionary will be your reliable assistant in the process of learning English, you learn English on skype, practiced on the course, the main thing to know the secrets of his soul.

Pros and Cons English Dictionary online

I personally, as a man of the last century, t. E. Born in the 20th, more impressed prints, although I will not deny, scientific and technological progress and captivated me. I am advocating that the students learned how to use a dictionary block is more complex, and only then switched to electronic dictionaries of the English language online.

Printed dictionaries — is not only a storage room of words and their translations. Printed publications will give an idea of the pronunciation symbols and pronunciation, as well as the most common rules of reading, while English Dictionary online present only translation of the word and its transcription. Sometimes electronic dictionary is a function of listening to the word. Some publications also provide some information about the grammar of the language being studied.

There are different types of dictionaries: the spelling dictionary that tells how to correctly write a word, pronouncing dictionary — the correct pronunciation of the literary, etymological dictionaries describe the origin of the word, his way into the language. Dictionaries contain grammatical information on morphological and syntactic properties of words. English Dictionary online can describe synonyms, antonyms, homonyms. Interpretation, ie translation of the word, is presented in the dictionary entry from the most common to the least. The use of a word in a narrow specialty is represented by all sorts of cuts: those. — Machinery, honey. — Medicine, chemical. — Chemistry. Paradoxically, the dictionary does not always help in translating words. Like translation of the word is, but none of the values ​​is appropriate, how to be? Then you need to look for the value closest in meaning, but not specified in the entry.

To quickly find a word in a printed dictionary is necessary to know the alphabet, electronically — knowledge of the location of keys on a computer keyboard. For example, the search engine Yandex offers users not only the development of dictionaries with detailed meanings of words and their shades, but dictionaries, t. E. Dictionaries, giving interpretation of the word in the original language. English explanatory dictionary online Webster, Oxford, Cambridge, Bartleby, Onelook will undoubtedly be necessary for the work of students at more advanced stages of the study.

The apparent advantage of online dictionaries of the English language is that they greatly reduce the search word, and the World Wide Web, you can not use a dictionary. Printed dictionaries are not tied to any outlet, and they will help in learning English even when the candle.



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