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English by Skype or revelation teacher

Well, that is about to end my first year or two of work in our school. What did he bring? And how to work in our school? I wanted to write this article for those who are studying with us, for those who ponders: to learn or not to learn on Skype.

I have been teaching English for 11 years, 2 years of which on Skype. There were and there are different students, my pride and my teachers at the same time, every day, every new lesson — it is an invaluable experience of living and communicating. I was fortunate to be a part of the friendly team of our school in 2012. Without exaggeration — is constantly growing team of professionals. They are experienced and creative teachers who receive inspiration and joy from work, a school where the selection of teachers are very seriously, it is a place where address the needs of each student.

Now, when the whole world has said in English, when you do not know the language — it’s like not to have a secondary education, almost everyone thinks about how to overcome it, how to use it to make friends, how to not just know it, but also to use. Today, thanks to the Internet and Skype, distance learning is gaining great momentum. And it’s very nice to be at the origin of this new direction.

In post-Soviet countries, many refer to this type of training with caution. We are accustomed to the fact that the teacher should be with us, to being in the classroom. But now With Skype we simply talk to our friends and family who are far away, and it does not seem to be something supernatural. Wherever you are, you are always in touch. So why not use it to learn to communicate, to become more and more confidence in their foreign language including? And at the same time save time and money?

As a teacher, I see only advantages of this method of learning: saving time, convenience for the student, as he taught in a relaxing environment of your house or a convenient place (be it an office, cottage, quiet room with friends, family, or so forth.), Direct communication alone -on-one, which gives the students of language practice and the teacher all the time.

Some complain that this type of training not serious, it does not give the deep academic knowledge. But he is not focused on it. We help people to speak, to step over the fear of communicating in a foreign language, we help to hear foreign speech and put it on the shelves, activate the vocabulary and understand the structure of the language, we teach them to live and enjoy this, we teach practical language. Many students say that even after the university it is difficult to speak, simply because there is no practice of communication, there is a theoretical basis, and even then not always. So the English by Skype for those who want to talk and be good «linguistic form» for those who cherish the time, but also for those who are willing to work on themselves and clearly sees its purpose.

But if you think that such a method — is a panacea, and that Skype and the teacher will do everything for you, I hasten to disappoint you — so do not reach the goal. Education — is the work, and most importantly the success of the enterprise — this is your diligence and regular attendance. Say what you like, but if you deal with once every two weeks and do not perform any tasks at home, learning progress, you will see a very long time.

So away doubt, act today, tomorrow you will have been able to say something new, to understand something is still unclear, and began step by step to gain speed and spread their wings. Look at the example of our classes online, read the reviews of our students fill in an application for a free introductory lesson and see for yourself that it really works. Good luck!



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