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English birth

Here it is a small miracle, you’ve been waiting for. He’s tiny, but look at it as an adult, because he knows all the secrets of the world, and is willing to share them, but do not know how. To tell you a lot of interesting kid has to learn the language, which you say. It does not matter whether it is English or Russian languages ​​all at once, the child will listen with interest to your speech, because you have to make contact with him is vital.

Learning English from birth

In the period from birth to three years of a child’s brain is developing with astonishing rapidity. Mental capabilities are unique in this age, and it was foolish and short-sighted not to take advantage of this fact. In the first year of life the baby learns to sit, walk, feed himself and practiced these skills on a daily basis with admirable tenacity. And what can we say about trying to play it. Young children have the ability to learn anything and everything new they learn effortlessly, for them important learning process.

Language learning from the cradle — a huge boost for the development of the brain. Learning English from birth — Is, above all, the development of personality. Previously trained bilingual gives a better development of memory, a logical thinking. In adult life, your child will feel much more confident than his peers. Many believe that the previous English language training takes childhood. Nothing of the sort, because the child does not take the study of the native language. Just this process should not be intrusive. The child will lose all interest in what he is forced to.

How to start

English birth — it’s not hard. In the first stage of language acquisition the child listens more than plays. This step is very important. Babies are very good at recognizing a high tone of voice. This tone will tell him that you set a positive. Do not raise your voice when communicating and do not speak too quickly. Tell me baby that surrounds it, what you do. Sing songs, read poems. Special in-depth knowledge of the English language from you at this stage is not required, just need positive emotions. Do not bother crumbs, if it is not in the mood to listen to you, respect his wishes. English birth should not turn into a «torture.» Do not demand too much from the kid, rejoice in his success, and be generous with praise.



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