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Emotions in English

Most often, talking about their favorite books, movies, paintings, impressions about the trip and about many other things, we use the word interesting. But is it good passes our attitude? In fact, you can apply interesting, talking about the hot love affair and a social drama, and even «Entertaining math». You can also say: «It was an interesting trip, an interesting performance …» In this case, our interlocutor gets very little information about what attracted us in each case, about what were our emotions.

Let vnesёm brightness and specifics in our story. Here we can not do without these words:

  • thought-provoking — suggestive. One can say, for example:

    «The Twelve» by Nikita Mikhalkov is the most thought-provoking movie I’ve ever seen.

  • thrilling — thrilling, tickling the nerves. Everyone knows the word thriller, which has already managed to pass in our native language, as a thriller — a film that keep us in emotional stress. Example:

    The episode where the main character was escaping from the prison was really thrilling: he could be caught any minute.

  • moving or touching — touching:

    The pieces showed by BBC in «Animal Planet» are often very touching.

  • amazing — amazing. It can also be used as a synonym for the words of the magnificent, stunning:

    The shooting in «The Big Blue» is amazing.

  • stunning — stunning:

    The 3d graphics in «Avatar» are stunning.

  • breathtaking — a breathtaking, magnificent:

    I find that «Pirates of the Caribbean» is a breathtaking adventure film.

  • fascinating — fascinating, fascinating, captivating, causing interest:

    I think learning foreign languages ​​is fascinating!

  • hilarious — funny, hilarious:

    This sketch show is hilarious!

  • brilliant — brilliant, brilliant, outstanding, smart:

    The actress played her role brilliantly!

    You can also say:

    He’s a brilliant (smart) student, composer, writer.

  • fabulous — fabulous, gorgeous:

    There was a fabulous view high across the river from the window of my hotel room.

    Fabulous gained the reputation of favorite words of George W. Bush — the former president of the United States is often used it when he wanted to express my admiration. It is also very well known and a series of programs titled «The Fabulous Life of …», which tells of lavish mansions, cars, yachts and celebrity destination.

  • bodacious — it refers to the American slang. It is used in the sense of excellent, excellent, great, for example:

    Bodacious bargain!

    Can also be used in the sense sensual, sexy:

    Bodacious babe!

  • gorgeous — a dazzling, gorgeous. You can find these phrases: gorgeous view, gorgeous skyline, gorgeous shot, gorgeous sunset. The most common phrase:

    You look gorgeous tonight! — This evening, you look amazing.

  • magnificent — a magnificent, magnificent. It can serve as a synonym for stunning:

    The Tower Bridge looks magnificent in foggy weather.

  • terrific — gorgeous, even where producing great impression:

    You look terrific in your new outfit!

Sometimes we have to express not only the admiration, then you can use the following words:

  • disappointing or frustrating — frustrating, do not live up to expectations:

    I did not like the business trip, it was very frustrating experience.

    With these words can describe the behavior of people when they disappoint you; or even to express criticism on the photo-forum, praised the picture illiteracy compositional solution as frustrating image.

  • dull — boring, gray, mediocre, dull:

    The book makes dull reading.

    Suitable to describe the weather, the colors, the images of the landscape. It is found in the phrase dull season — low season.

  • outrageous — outrageous, offensive, berserk:

    It was outrageous injustice!

  • depressing — oppressive, painful:

    The weather was dull and depressing.

  • nervous — nervous, in a state of excitement:

    I felt nervous before the exam.

  • to have butterflies in one’s stomach — an idiomatic expression meaning to worry, worry.

    I wanted to make the best impression on my guests, and waiting for their arrival, I had butterflies in my stomach.

  • disgusting — disgusting:

    It was an expensive restaurant, but the food was disgusting! I felt like I had wasted my money.

One important clarification! Be careful not to use the very adjectives expressing the maximum degree of any quality. And these adjectives in this article are quite a few! For example, we can not say very breathtaking, very gorgeous and very stunning. In Russian, too, so we are not saying we do not talk very magnificent, very gorgeous, and very stunning. Strengthen your emotional reaction is possible in English, using the dialect absolutely: absolutely breathtaking, absolutely gorgeous, absolutely stunning.

To test how well remember the words, we offer you to pass the following test:



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