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A little over a month left before a significant date — the World Day of the Earth (World Environment Day World Earth Day), which we celebrate on April 22. However, there is a danger that a few hundred years in this field, we will have nothing to celebrate, as we gradually destroy our planet, oblivious to the fact that this second world, which we could happily move, simply does not exist. We and we alone are responsible for the Earth’s environmental problems (ecological problems). Therefore now so urgent question of the protection of the environment (environmental protection). What do we tell the ecology in English (ecology)?

Environmental issues in English

Even in ancient times, people lived side by side with the great nature of our planet, using its resources (use the resources), without causing harm (not to do any harm). But with the development of society, science, technology (the development of science and technology), our descendants will soon discover that we squander (squander) and pollutants (defile / pollute) their legacy (inheritance). As a professor of the University of California Raymond Dasmann: «We are all worried about the beginning of World War III, probably nuclear (nuclear world war). But the Third World have already begun — we are fighting with nature (fight against the environment). Moreover, we win! «.

All kinds of organisms (species), other than the person to adapt to the laws of the environment (adapt to the laws of nature), and only we — being reasonable — on the contrary, have made ​​significant progress (achieve a remarkable feat) subordinate to the laws of nature for the sake of itself. We pollute the air, water and soil (pollute air, water and land); forests are cut down and dried ponds (cut down forests and dry up rivers, lakes and ponds); destroy animals and rare plants (kill animals and make exotic species disappear). All this for a long time led to the ecological crisis (ecological crysis).

But the planet’s resources are not unlimited (limited resources). Over the past twenty years, the population of the planet has increased sixfold, and our levels of consumption (consuming) far exceeds the number that can give us the land. The government is simply obliged to deal with environmental problems in English. But instead of to heal the planet (heal the planet), it strongly contributes to the development of industry (favor the development of industries) .But that does not mean that only the government is responsible for the ecological situation. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States: «With public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed «. The approximate translation reads as follows: «The active attitude of society will help to solve any problem and achieve any goal. If society does not care will not succeed in anything! «. Better not say.

Today, the leading role in solving the environmental problems in the English language belongs to the United Nations (UN United Nations Organization). All major organs and specialized agencies of the United Nations are paying much attention to environmental problems (ecological problems of the environment). Since 1949, the United Nations periodically holds conferences (hold conferences), devoted to the state of nature on the planet. Great work to preserve the environment (preserve the environment) conducts and organization Greenpeace.

How relevant environmental issues in English today and demand a degree in higher education institutions related to environmental protection. Students of such areas and simply people seeking to learn more about the environment in English, will help such publications as «English. The world around us. Ecology. Nature. Animal World «and» English Language: ecology and environmental protection. » The first book released by the «East-West», the author — Yuzefovich NG The second belongs to the publisher «Logos Press», its author is written OA Both editions come out in 2007. You can find them by going to the website

  • — the first book
  • — the second book

Deal with the problems of ecology in the English language, take care of the environment. After all, our behavior (our behaviour) harm (damage) is not only our planet, but also to us.



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