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E-merging forum 4 combines English language teachers

Each teacher of English who is interested in their professional development, it is interesting not only to the study of theoretical material, but also its practical application in the learning process. It is important to hear the views of colleagues about a particular method of teaching, share your success, to learn the latest developments and achievements (including Internet-based technologies), as well as their use in the process of language learning. All this is possible to learn from the professionals who work in this field for decades. Their experience is the treasure of knowledge that helps teachers to improve their skills.

International conferences and forums — these are the events in the life of a teacher, which he must attend! One such event, which will unite the English teachers to discuss important issues and exchange of experience in teaching English, will be E-merging Forum 4. This is an annual event in the field of English language teaching will be held 13-15 March 2014 in Moscow. The organizer is the British Council in Russia (British Council Russia), more than 20 years to develop bilateral relations between Russia and Britain, promoting cultural exchange between the countries.

E-merging Forum organized for the fourth time. The first event was held in March 2011. It was attended by 250 teachers from all over Russia and Europe. Number of people willing steadily increasing: at the second forum in 2012 it was 400 teachers and 900 students participated in a video broadcast; third forum was attended by 700 people already. We are confident that this year’s E-merging Forum 1000 will bring together 4 enthusiastic teachers! All information about past events, the speaker, the interview can be found here — Videos presented below, as well as possible is the idea and purpose of the forum, as well as the experience of the participants.

E-merging Forum 3. Video

What will please E-merging Forum-2014? Speakers from the UK and Russia will share best practices in the teaching of English in the following areas:

  • Information technology.
  • Early learning English.
  • English for Specific and Academic Purposes.
  • Estimation.
  • Literature and Culture.

Speakers E-merging Forum 4

As the plenary speakers announced experts with years of experience:

  1. Nicky Hockley

    For more than a quarter of a century Nicky Hockley working in the field of teaching English as a teacher, methodologist and as a full-time consultant, and online courses. She conducts seminars and training courses for teachers around the world. While at The Consultants-E, Nicky specializes in online learning. The fruit of this activity has led to numerous articles on education and training online. She is co-author of many benefits for teachers of English: «Teaching Online», «How to teach English with Technology», «Webinars: A Cookbook for Educators» and others. In 2014, will be published her new work about learning using mobile phones tablets.

  2. Katherine Nifsi

    For twenty years, Catherine directed the publication of textbooks in English (Oxford University Press) for the elementary school. Being an expert in the field of early learning English, she is currently developing distance learning courses children. The forum will introduce Catherine teachers so as soon as possible to stimulate the creativity of students and to develop communication skills.

  3. Tony Prince

    Toni is engaged in the development of training courses in economics, business, computer science, natural science cycle disciplines. He also led the development and implementation of courses required for the individual departments of the University of East Anglia ( For over twenty years, Tony Prince was engaged in the administration of English language courses. Now he is a leading tutor of the course «English for academic purposes.» Co-author of the qualification test INTO University Placement test is also a Tony. This test allows you to evaluate the academic skills in reading and listening online.

  4. Jamie Danley

    Twenty years Jamie Teaching English residents in Japan. From 2013 he began to cooperate with the British Council as an expert who conducts research in the field of English language. Jamie 6 years oversaw the creation of test data in the scientific foundation Eiken. As experts in the field of assessment, Jamie performs an author and co-author of several publications, namely, «The results of the comparative analysis of national tests, based on the Common European Framework of language competence» (Danley and Figueres, 2012) and others. Jamie participates in international professional conferences, engaging in the use of international systems evaluation to check local tests, automated text analysis for characterization testing.

  5. Alan Palvernes

    This expert worked as deputy director of the Institute of Language Education in Norwich ( For three years (2003-2006) he was co-chair of British Council Oxford Conference, dedicated to the teaching of literature. Alan is an author and co-author of textbooks in English, including «Macmillan Short Course Programme», «Reading Matters», «Teaching Knowledge Test» and others. From 2000 to 2005 he was editor of the collection of materials for the annual conference IATEFL, which I told in an article a year ago — «The 47th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition»

The forum E-merging 4 will feature not only the report, but also workshops, discussion groups, slot «open space», online translation, and more. The Forum 2013 Speaker in the section «Teacher Development» Rhode Balayto during the final lottery offered a free refresher course at the Institute of NILE. Teacher-lucky spent 2 weeks of intensive training at the school. Her experience can be found on the event page VKontakte —

Forum 2014 will not leave without participating lotteries and unique prizes. You will be a raffle of the store design accessories and gifts Hello London, publishers Macmillan, CUP, OUP. Also among the participants of the scholarship will be played on a refresher course in the UK from the Norwich Institute of Language Education.

Undoubtedly, E-merging Forum 4 — one of the most important events in your career! This free event is for registered participants, so be sure to register as soon as possible. Deadline for registration — March 1, 2014. Fill in the form, you can follow the link — And here you can see the program online and download it —

Do not miss the E-merging Forum 4! You can not only learn a lot in the field of teaching English than enrich their experience, but also to exchange opinions and ideas with colleagues who enthusiastically seek to grow professionally.



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