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Distance learning English

No one will dispute the fact that today the knowledge of English is not a luxury but a necessity. The ability to speak freely and express their thoughts in English makes you more competitive in the labor market. And hardly anyone will refuse the prestigious high-paying jobs that will increase the standard of living. But as a rule, many of us are quite busy to attend English language courses. Fortunately, this problem is solved. The development of the Internet and the emergence of a variety of multimedia technology has made ​​possible the distance learning English. What does it represent?

Distance learning English — it’s kind of learning in which students interact with teachers through the World Wide Web or the telephone network. On the one hand, this kind of training can be attributed to the correspondence, because most of the work to be performed independently. But there is one major difference: the distance learning English your progress continuously monitors teacher and one of the main aspects of the learning process are sessions video communication, chat, online chat with the teachers using Skype and ICQ (on our website you can also start learn English by Skype). All this will contribute to the development of communication skills. And qualified distance learning courses with English language students take two teachers — specialist scholar and a native English speaker. All you need for distance learning in English, it is connected to the Internet, the program Skype for free telephone network and a video camera (optional), microphone, headphones and a desire to learn English.

Almost all the qualified distance learning courses English pay. As a student of a course, you will receive by e-mail kit containing certain tests, exercises and assignments for self-fulfillment. This package of materials can be selected individually and fit exactly to your level of knowledge. Check the work performed may be a teacher in real time. Alternatively, you can immediately see your results by clicking the «check». The latter system, for example, there is a distance learning course in English, presented at the site

As already mentioned, you will improve your English conversational language and communication skills with professional instructors. At the end of the distance English training you receive a certificate. But for this, you will probably need to pass the exam. Such rules at the Centre of Distance Education of the Moscow State University. Lomonosov.



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