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Determining the level of English language

From many people often hear the phrase, «My friend (brother’s wife, and so on. D.) Is fluent in English.» But, first, the concept of perfection at all different, and secondly, how perfect you in this matter in fact, help you learn a variety of tests. Determination of the English language — that’s how to begin or still under examination. Determine the level of language is necessary, if only to see how far you have progressed in this process. In addition, it will need if you decide to learn English on Skype, so that the teacher could not understand where to start training.

How to determine the level of English language

In accordance with the recommendations of the British Council, are following levels of English proficiency:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

So, to determine the level of English language starts with the level «Beginner», or zero. This is the level that there are those who have never studied English. This is the level that will give you an idea of ​​the English language and equip you basic knowledge. In fact, many teachers of courses to determine exactly how much time you’ll need to master the English language. If you hear the exact timing — leave immediately. Learn the language — this means to grasp the immensity. The language can be harnessed in some way, but you can not find what you transcends — living organism. After all, language — is a living organism that is constantly growing, constantly changing.

Elementary — you can be attributed to the most basic theme, but unfortunately with a small vocabulary. If you have received this level when tested after many months of study, do not despair. The rule — a little spent — got a little! And if this level — a reward, then you approach the next level …

There are certain problems with the definition of the level of English Pre-Intermediate. Like everything else in the world, this level is relative. The reason is the very thin line between this level and the next, but, nevertheless, it is believed that students at this level should not only properly use the English language in familiar situations, but should not be lost in unfamiliar.

Intermediate. You can understand spoken English, and to communicate effectively with native speakers in real-life situations, yet sometimes experiencing any difficulties.

Upper-Intermediate. You can more or less successfully use English in different situations. This level of knowledge for those who suggests the beginning of work or study abroad.

Advanced level involves the use of the English language almost to the same extent as the Russian language, but sometimes allowing minor bugs.

On our site you can determine your level of proficiency, passed the following tests:

  • A comprehensive test to determine the level of English language on the website of our school
  • The test for determining the level: Beginner or Elementary?
  • The test for determining the level: Elementary or Pre-Intermediate?
  • The test for determining the level: Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate?
  • The test for determining the level: Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate?
  • The test for determining the level: Upper-Intermediate or Advanced?

To determine the level of your knowledge of English you will also be able to related resources on the Internet:

  • — test knowledge of grammar
  • — computer test of English courses
  • — different tests in English

Foreign language as a native, you can study all my life, since there is no limit to perfection!



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