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Description of the house and rooms in English

We all live somewhere: in an apartment in a house in the country, etc. As the English say: «My home — my castle!». Our house — this is the place where we spend most of his life, in addition to work and travel. We strive to equip your home, make it as comfortable as possible. Whether it’s a single room or the entire apartment, but this is a reflection of our preferences and wishes. We demonstrate our shelter and others seek to evaluate how others live. Therefore, our speech is replete with words by which we describe this or that place of human habitation. English, however, like any other, is no exception. Room description in English is a very important element of knowledge that is subject to mandatory study.

Where we live?

In describing the property, we first indicate the type of home. It can be an apartment building (apartment building / block of flats), consisting of a large number of apartments (flats / appartments), or a separate house on one or more families. In English, there are several names for the house: detached house, semi-detached house, duplex, mansion, cottage. How to distinguish them? Detached house — it is a separate one-family house, and the word with the prefix semi — is half duplex with separate entrance to each room. «Duplex» is called a two-storey detached house with two different inputs. Cottage — it is usually a house in the country, usually with a garden. Well, the mansion — this is a private residence. Among the other most used names worth noting cottage (vacation house), and inherent in the American population bungalow (one-storey house for one family) and the ranch (the ranch). Do not forget that in our time in the world to build a skyscraper (skyscrapers), which are very high-rise buildings (multi-storied buildings) .Etazhi house we call the floors (not to be confused with the other meaning of the word, namely » floor «). In the description of the house in English, and can also mention its components: the roof (roof), balcony (balcony), basement (basement), drainpipe (gutter), windows (windows), doors (doors), porch or porch (porch ) and stairs (staircase / stairs).

We went into the apartment or house

With the description of types of buildings in which we live sorted out. Now we go inside and look at the room. By the way, the room in English room. Each room has a ceiling (ceiling), the walls (walls) and floor (floor). If the house or apartment is composed of several rooms, it is bound to be a bedroom (bedroom), living room (living room / lounge), corridor (hall), kitchen (kitchen), suite (bathroom) and a toilet (lavatory / water closet). Moreover, you can have several bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. Details specify room description in English we do not, and to name just the basic details inherent in almost every room. Usually located in the living room couch (sofa), armchairs (armchairs), coffee table (coffee table), and a television (TV-set). No exception is the presence of a bookshelf (bookcase), paintings (pictures), all kinds of lamps (lamps / lampshades) and even a fireplace (fire-place), if it is a private home. Going into the bedroom, we find the bed (bed), bedside table (night table), chest of drawers (chest of drawers) and wardrobe (wardrobe). The bedroom still like to place a mirror (mirror) and dresser (dresser). Then we shall proceed to the kitchen. In this inner sanctum of the cooking can be seen not only a dining table (dinner table) with chairs (chairs) and the kitchen set (cupboards) with sink (sink), but also equipment (appliances), facilitates the process of cooking and food storage. This is a refrigerator (fridge), microwave oven (microwave oven), cooker (stove / cooker), dishwasher (dishwasher).

In the description of such rooms as the bathroom and toilet, in English, do not use a lot of words. In the bathroom we directly own bath (bath) with faucets (taps) and shower (shower), a mirror (mirror), sink (sink), sometimes a washing machine (washing machine). In the dressing room, «side by side» toilet (toilet) and toilet paper (toilet paper).

Our original tour of the rooms and houses in general, over. Of course, in every room it is still a huge number of things that should be called. But for this purpose should be to explore the detailed room description in English alone. Describing his house or apartment, make sure it to use at least one idiomatic expression on the subject, and their great variety. For example:

The more the merrier. — In crowded but not mad.

East or west, home is best. — East or west home is best.

In this case the room description English will become more colorful and expressive!



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