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Declarations of love in English

What man would not devote his life, he will not feel fully satisfied or happy, if not to love and not to be a favorite. After all, when we love life seems fine. We feel that we are capable of any feats and deeds. We are ready to shout to the whole world, we cherish the love object (the object of smb’s affection). Well, if the love is reciprocal (mutual love), and we can easily express our feelings and emotions (express our feelings and emotions). And if you do it hard enough? And if the one you love, still does not know your experience, and you really want to tell him about them? Of course, there are those who do not hesitate to openly show their emotions (wear one’s heart to smb) and can speak three cherished words: «I love you» (I love you). Well, those who are not in a hurry so just open your heart and soul, strive to find the words that would be fully reflected their feelings. You can try to do is not quite the usual way, namely, to pick up a declaration of love in English (declaration of love).

What are the declarations of love in English?

It is no secret that the English language is so firmly entrenched in our lives that frequent recourse to his linguistic material no surprise. Why should you pay attention to the recognition in the English language? Let’s imagine that you are the object of your adoration crossed candy buketny period, and at the moment you realize that you would like some way to tell about your feelings. Of course, you can do a phrase «I love you». But if you approach more closely to the choice of recognition in English, your efforts will be appreciated.

Where to look for a declaration of love in English? And that may be used in the form of a confession? Since I am a fan of the World Wide Web, I would advise to look for the necessary material on the Internet. Declaration of love in the English language can be any beautiful expression, saying, quote about love in English or aphorism. Of course, using a dictionary, and you can create yourself a few English sentences that define your feelings at the moment. But read better to start already by declarations of love in English. I’m sure you will find exactly what you need. You will come to the aid of the following resource: On the submission page, you will see a lot of declarations of love in the English language, including English quotation, a poem and a beautiful expression from which melt the heart of any man. For example:

If loving you is wrong, I never want to be right again. — If loving you is wrong, I do not ever want to do right.

So we gradually moved to the poem as a way of declarations of love in English. Poetry has always been an excellent means of expressing human emotions. And as the experience of the most important in a person’s life — it’s love, it is understandable why this topic written many lyrical works. You can refer to any poet, and borrow some of the most relevant lines you in English. Or simply use poems by unknown authors. A very large number of confessions in English in the form of poems are on the site and For example, simple versions that are understandable even at the entry level of English:

My heart to you is given

Oh do give yours to me

We’ll lock them up together

And throw away the key.

You can fall from the sky

You can fall from a tree

But the best way to fall

Is in love with me.

Of course, in the theme of «declarations of love in English,» has its own specific vocabulary, which it is desirable to know. We all know the verb «to love» — love. But «love» and «out of love» will be played respectively fall in love and fall out of love (literally — fall in love and fall out of it). In addition, the verb there is a list of useful words in this area: like — like, fancy — like, love; tempt — seduce, attract; fascinate — charm, attract — to attract, appeal to — wonder, impress; captivate — captivate, fascinate; adore — to love, fall for — to fall in love, get carried away; desire — to desire, long for / yearn for / look forward — keen; worship — worship.

Well, if you experience (experience) a real, sincere, tender love (true / rare / sincere / tender love). Even better, if you reciprocate (return smb’s affection). In this case, you can not suppress your strong feelings (suppress strong emotions), and open your favorite person (dearest / darling / dear / sweetheart).

But another source of confessions in English are the songs. Sometimes, they can convey what words and not speak. So do not forget about such a wonderful way to tell the person that you love him!



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