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Crosswords in English

When interviewed dozens of people who go on the road, for they will kill time on the road, you can most likely assume that many will prefer to crossword puzzles. These puzzles are printed in almost all periodicals. Crossword puzzles is very useful, especially in English. Let’s see why they are so popular.

Crossword puzzles in English

The term is a translation of the words crossword crossword (crossing of words). Crossword in English — a puzzle represented in a grid words crossing each other horizontally and vertically. Answering questions crossword (or descriptive definition), you get the words and fits into the net. According to the rules, the answer can only be a noun in the nominative and singular. But now the original crossword in English has undergone many changes, so that you can meet all the innovations in this game with words.

The right to be the ancestor of crossword contest the three countries: England, USA and South Africa. The first creator of crossword in English in England, said Michael Davies, who published the first job in the newspaper «Time» at the end of the 19th century. In South Africa, we believe that the first Crossword came through in prison Cape Town resident Willie Orville. Well, in the US creator of crossword in English is considered Arthur Wynne, who published it in the Sunday edition of the newspaper «New York World» December 21, 1913.

Why did crosswords in English (and also in the mother) so interesting to people? Probably because it’s a great way to entertain yourself at your leisure. Moreover, solve a crossword puzzle in English, you increase your self-esteem, because in front of you a vivid example of the fact that your knowledge will be useful. Scientists believe crosswords in English excellent means of training mental abilities. After answering the questions of a crossword puzzle in English, you are pushing your brain to work, recalling the desired word. Moreover, you will first need to understand the essence of the question (because it is in English), and for this you need a good vocabulary.

Guess the correct word, you enter it into the net of the English crossword and thus work off your spelling. A visual memory can help you remember the word. Some of the puzzles in the English language have a tricky question, answering that you hone your wits and ingenuity. For the guessing of the crosswords in English, you can resort to the use of reference books that will expand your horizons and increase their knowledge. Finally, crosswords in English teach you to be more patient and perseverance, because that to follow through will take some time.

Where to find crosswords in English?

These word games are almost all English-language magazines and newspapers. If you are not available, this printed matter, refer to collections of crossword puzzles in English with answers that are presented in bookstores. For example, edition Papkova IP «Crosswords and other puzzles». This book can also be downloaded online at

Currently very popular online crosswords in English, which can solve directly on the site, devoted to the study of English. For example:

  • — crosswords elementary level and upper-intermediate
  • — crosswords in English are divided into headings: anagrams, birds, cities, common

Furthermore, there are special programs for a few seconds to create the English crossword puzzles of any subject and complexity. For example, «Universal generator crossword puzzles» online These crosswords in English guesses you online.

Opportunities for creating and solving a crossword puzzle in English mass. Choose a convenient way, and start! Your brain will tell you «thank you»!



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