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Countries, speaking in English

English is the international language. One and a half billion people worldwide speak the language. It is native to 400-500 million in 12 countries and one billion-plus use English as a second language. Currently, among the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, English is a 3 or 4 position (along with Spanish) as a mother tongue, and 2nd place in the total number of speakers.

English is the language of business and politics. This is one of the working languages ​​of the United Nations. The world of information technology is also based on the English language. More than 90% of the world’s information is also stored in English. This language is the main language of the Internet is defined. Radio and television broadcasting world’s largest companies (CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC), covering an audience of 500 million people, is also performed in English. English produces more than 70% of scientific publications. In this language, sing songs and make films.

It is hard to imagine that such popularity and prevalence of the English language was only for a short period of time. Being the most taught language in the world, the English daily conquers all new people who for one reason or another study it.

Remember the country, speaking in English

English spread throughout the world, but there are countries, speaking in English, in which he recognized as an official. Some of them are: Australia, Bahamas, Botswana, Gambia, India, Nigeria, Ireland, Cameroon, Canada, Kenya, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Pakistan, Guinea, Singapore, United States, Fiji, the Philippines, South Africa, Malta, etc. England (or Great Britain), as the home country of the English, we do not call. This is an incomplete list of countries speaking English. There are States in which the language, though not recognized as an official, but it speaks most of the population.

It turns out that almost any country you would not come, knowing English, you will find a common language with the people living there.



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