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Correspondence with the foreigner

We all know that language is a means of communication between people. But notice! Priority is given to those who know not only their native language, but also any other foreign language, or even several. After all, in such a way that people can understand people of other nationalities and cultures. And the greater the number of those with whom he found a common language, the wider and more varied his social circle. And we communicate for different reasons: to exchange experiences, wanting to learn something, and teach others; in working conditions for cooperation with foreign counterparts; in private life to find a partner; and just for fun in the free and non-free time.

By studying or knowing English can and should focus on communicating with foreigners. In the first case it would be superfluous to work and consolidate their knowledge, in the second to improve them and learn something new. Communicating in English can occur in various ways, but the two main — is using spoken or written language. Either we talk with someone, or we exchange letters or messages. With the conversation is clear. Take a foreigner and spoke with him at the same time trying to understand what he is saying or asking. Fortunately today it is not a problem — you can always improve your English through Skype, talking with foreign friends. By the way, worthy of support must be able to talk, too. And it’s not only language skills but also the ability to express their thoughts interesting.

If you start conversation with a foreigner, you can help some tips. Let’s define the purpose of your correspondence, and depending on this decide how to behave.

How to maintain correspondence with a foreigner?

Let’s say you met with an English speaking person, friends (whether he or she is), and your communication occurs at the level of correspondence. Speaking of correspondence, I do not mean the epistolary genre, even though he was very popular a few years ago. For example, I corresponded with an American over 10 years with the help of ordinary messages that are sent by airmail. Now all correspondence occurs within the World Wide Web. It should be noted that in any correspondence thing to consider is the quality of your writing. Rewriting a foreigner, and we are talking about communicating with one another, the quality of your English language can overshadow. After writing it in such correspondence in many respects similar to the verbal, and in it are valid and peculiar choice of words, slang and grammatical errors, elliptical sentences, etc. In such correspondence should be a lot of questions that we were alive. Often you can find in the letter interjections (Er … Mm … ..Oops! … Wow! … Uh), expressing the emotions of the interlocutor, as another way of not conveyed. This includes the design — all kinds of emoticons. In other words, the correspondence with the foreigner, the other is not much different from the correspondence with someone in your own language. The main difference — all communication in English!

Let’s correspondence with a foreigner comes to your job responsibilities. In this case, it is not so much about the correspondence with any particular person (and this is possible), and the correspondence with the specific company. My correspondence — business. So you need to learn all the nuances and subtleties of writing business letters in English, ranging from design and handling, ending with the choice of vocabulary and thematic choices completion of such a letter.

Imagine that you start a personal conversation with a foreigner or a foreigner with a view to a more intimate acquaintance. We are talking about his personal life. What you need to know in this case? First of all, remember that in the case expressed sympathy for each other foreigner will insist on a more frequent correspondence, for example, every day. Would it not be for you, it is too tiresome? And your possible answers in two or three days will be received with indignation and resentment. Secondly, in correspondence with a foreigner, of course, do not need to adhere to the canons of a business letter, but it is not necessary to put such a letter clearance above quality. English they also want to see a good. In correspondence with the foreigner recommend often called by the name of your interlocutor, it will help you arrange it yourself. Do not forget about matters relating to his person and his life. This shows your sincere interest. In response to try to tell something about yourself, maybe some incidents from the life. Avoid common phrases faceless. Concluding the letter, use one of the consumed clich√© — Sincerely, Faithfully, Best wishes, With hope, etc.

Correspondence with the foreigner has some advantages in my view: the study of the English language, consolidation and improvement of knowledge, exchange of experience, an interesting dialogue. Now the Internet is not a problem find a person with whom you can strike up a friendly correspondence. For example, visit the resource: You understand that the correspondence with the foreigner can be informative and fascinating process.



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