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Contract in English

Treaty as the main legal act is the principal means of regulation of commodity-money relations, defining the rights and obligations of the participants. The contract in the English language shall be in writing in the official style, signed by the parties participating.

Rules of drawing up a contract in English

There are rules of drawing up a contract in English, which must be strictly observed, otherwise the document will have no legal force. Any contract can be divided into the following parts:

  1. The introductory part of the contract (preamble)
  2. Subject of the contract
  3. Additional terms
  4. Other terms of the contract
  5. Details, addresses and signatures of the parties to the contract
  6. Annexes to the Agreement
  7. Additions to the contract

The preamble of the contract

At this point, states:

  • the name of the contract (supply contract, lease, joint activity). If the name of the contract in English is absent, the essence of the contract is derived from its content.
  • the date of signing of the contract, including the date, month and year of signing.
  • place of signature of the contract (town or village).
  • the full name of the counterparty, as well as the abbreviated names of the parties under the contract («customer», «tenant»). Should indicate the position, surname, name and patronymic of the persons signing the contract, an indication of their full powers to sign the treaty.

Subject of the contract

This section contains information about the subject of the agreement, duties and rights of both parties under the contract, the contract price and payment arrangements, the period of implementation by the parties of their obligations.

Additional terms

This clause of the contract in the English language is not always provided, but, nevertheless, if it exists, it shall indicate the duration of the contract, the responsibility of the parties (in the event of one of these contract terms: penalties, fines), the grounds for termination of the contract unilaterally. There is also indicated the conditions of confidentiality of information and the procedure for resolving disputes between the parties to the contract

Other conditions

Agreement in the English language includes the following questions:

  • legislation governing the relation of the parties
  • especially an agreement between the parties
  • the number of copies of the contract

Details of the Parties

Here specified postal details, address of the bank details of the parties, the shipping details (for various types of shipments). Followed by signatures of representatives of the parties.

Annexes to the Agreement

Annexes to the Agreement are the documents, which are not included in the agreement itself (calculations, legislation). Links to their availability should be reflected in the text of the treaty.


Supplements usually change the content of certain terms of the agreement, and shall be in separate agreements to the contract.

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