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We all know that English is almost an integral part of our lives. We can say that almost every one of us or taught it or taught at the moment. Knowledge of English makes traveling abroad and career development. But not all of us are able to afford it. There is one feature that can help you see the home of the English language, but also allow you to evaluate your knowledge with competent professionals. I’m talking about competition in the English language, to participate in that, I think it is necessary for anyone who has mastered or mastered the language.

Why participate in a competition in the English language?

First, you check your level of English proficiency and identify those areas that need to work, and you need to pull up. Secondly, you get to know new people, if the tenders are not in absentia. As you know, a good acquaintance is always useful in life. Third, in case of victory, you get documented proof of your skills in the form of various certificates, diplomas, medals, etc. As a rule, together with a paper statement of your qualifications, competition organizers awarded prizes, sometimes very valuable. You can even win a trip to the country of the studied language. But it’s worth it!

Do not be afraid of competition in the English language. Try your strength, and good luck to you always smile. At the time, I took part in two competitions in English. On these competitions, I learned from the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». The first was dedicated translators and called «European Crimea.» It is held in two stages: first it was necessary to translate the writing section of the text from English, which was published in the newspaper. Then, the finalists invited to Simferopol for the same type of activity. By the way, where I met a girl, who later became my friend. I won a prize and was awarded with a camera at the time the gift is not cheap.

The second competition was held in absentia. It was necessary to perform several tasks, which were published in the newspaper for a month. As a result, we selected the top twenty, including later in the broadcast channel M1 randomly selected two winners. They had the opportunity in two weeks to be trained in one of the language schools in England. At twenty I got, but then changed my luck.

Where to look for contests in the English language?

First of all, I would advise to pay attention to periodicals — newspapers and magazines, now a popular collection, which must be collected for the publications. If I am not mistaken, there is even a dedicated precisely to English. If you’re a fan of the web, it is necessary to look for contests in English is in it.

For example, recently online dictionaries ABBYY LINGVO — — recently ended III championship for high school students and transfer students, the grand prize was a trip to the country of the target language. Participants of the contest were the inhabitants of Russia, Germany and Ireland. A competition was dedicated not only English, but also German.

Very often hold competitions in English foreign publishers of English literature. For example, Macmillan English. This organization is constantly conducting competitions, contests, quizzes on English language. The prizes in these competitions are very high quality and very expensive products for learning English (fiction, reference books, dictionaries, multimedia publications, etc.).

If you have a deep knowledge of the language, you can participate in the contest for writing articles about the English language, English-speaking countries, their culture and people. For example, visit The main requirements to the articles are literate, uniqueness and loyalty. That is the subject of the article should not offend anyone, it should be presented literate language, and the article itself should be the only one of its kind anywhere have not been posted.

Contests in English can be very diverse, and to participate in them do not necessarily have an advanced level of proficiency. Instead, try, correct their mistakes, improve their skills, and I’m sure that luck to you always smile.



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