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Communicating in English

All we teach English with a purpose. Someone makes itself more competitive in the labor market, someone wants to travel around the world, and someone like overseas education. Whatever the motivation, we did not use, we want to communicate fluently in English, that is, to understand the interlocutor and, in turn, speak fluent, correct and interesting. No matter how it seemed at first glance, communication in English language — quite a serious step, and does the hard. To sound competent, confident, fun, every effort should be, because English is not their native language. Speak to communicate fluently in English, you must think in English.

The role of communication in English in teaching English

When I was a student of ninth grade English teacher suggested that we make friends by correspondence from the United States to dealing with them to improve their level of English. She had a friend in the country, and she gave us the address of boys and girls who want to get acquainted with their peers from Ukraine. So I started a correspondence with a girl named Natalie Leonardo. While information technologies are not so firmly in our lives, as it is now, so the correspondence was conducted with the help of the epistolary genre, and the letter went to one end of a month.

Despite these disadvantages, this communication in English with the carrier was and still is very valuable to me. Firstly, I found particularly American way of life. Secondly, I saw pictures of unusual places of interest of this country. Third, I got the basics of the spoken language, which is often very different from the classic presence of all kinds of slang language constructs and turns. Moreover, this woman commented on my every letter at my own request and advised me how should I say in any given situation. This information was very important for me, since when planning to enter the language high school in the department of English philology, I wanted to improve my English in every possible way. Our correspondence has been going on for over 10 years, and I’m just glad that at one time decided to take it a useful and fun business.

What I told all this? The fact that now the tools to help you communicate in English, so much that sin not to use any of them, the more free. Learn the language, try to apply it where we can, so your learning process will be more intense, if not fruitful.

What you need to communicate in English?

In order to start and then continue to communicate in English, you need to pay attention to the following areas of expertise. First of all, the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is large enough, which is not mandatory, but desirable. Although communicating in English, you can start with a basic level of proficiency. However, even with such a good basis of communication can not work out, because sometimes we do not know what to say in this situation, not only in English but also in Russian. Questions that can be raised or to discuss the source may be very different, even from the area in which you do not understand. One conclusion: simply try to reflect on this or that issue, and to learn something new. So you will always be of interest to anyone. Ongoing work on pronunciation, too, is not the last, exactly like listening to all kinds of gear (watching movies) in English to train speech recognition at the hearing. It is necessary not only to speak but also to understand the man.

The World Wide Web gives us a lot of opportunities to communicate in English: numerous forums with native speakers or just to learn English language; communication in English by Skype, ICQ, online chat rooms. Use all of these on health. On the quality of English language courses provide communication in English, including the media. And even if you do not attend courses and learning the language at home, you can go to the debating club of the English language, where you will be given the opportunity to stop talking to foreigners. These clubs are in many cities in Russia and Ukraine, and their network is constantly growing.

So you decided to start your communication in English, and in which direction to go, I suggest you some entertaining resources on which everyone can find useful information:

  1. — Search companion to communicate in English.
  2. — a network of free discussion clubs in cities of Russia and Ukraine.
  3. — community, covering more than a million people from 133 countries engaged in language practice.



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