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Common reduction

In any language, there are accepted reductions that facilitate written language. For example, such as that, for instance. etc. English, of course, also includes all the cuts.

I’ll be here to collect common abbreviations, which will meet in their language practice. If someone wants to add reduction, write in the comments.

Here are the first, the most frequency, reduction:

etc. (et cetera) — Lat. And so on

eg (exempli gratia) — Lat. eg

ie (id est) — Lat. t. e., that is,

vs (versus) — Lat. Against

AD (Anno Domini) — Lat. ad

BC (Before Christ) — Lat. BC

am (ante meridiem) — Lat. before noon

pm (post meridiem) — Lat. afternoon

jr. (junior) — Jr.

sr. (senior) — Senior

smth. (something) — something

smb. (somebody) — someone

pl. (plural) — plural

sing. (singular) — the only number

p. (page) — Page

ex. (exercise) — Exercise

ABC — alphabet

Edu. (Education) — Education

Re. (Reply) — response

Rf. (Reference) — footnote reference

St. (street) — Street

Appx. (Appendix) — Annex

Co. (company) — the company

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) — in my humble opinion

PM (Prime Minister) — Prime Minister

PA (Personal Assistant) — personal secretary

When writing this, I have found an excellent collection rate. If someone has any questions with the reduction, look at them.



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