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Colors in English

Whatever we have described — clothes, cars, nature, etc. — We always used the names of colors (colour / color), to present the person for more information about any object or phenomenon. With the exception of transparent objects, everything has its own color. You can say all that surrounds us, is the embodiment of any color. Colors in general quite a lot, as well as their colors. Basic colors in English as in Russian, about 15. All the rest are their tones (tint / tone), halftone (semi-tone / half-tint), shades (shade).

The main colors in English

The main colors in English as follows:

  • red red
  • gray grey
  • blue blue
  • blue dark blue / navy blue
  • green green
  • lilac purple
  • yellow yellow
  • pink pink
  • brown brown
  • Orange orange
  • white white
  • light green light green / lettuce green
  • Black black
  • beige beige
  • purple violet

If you, when describing something, you want to show the intensity of a particular color in English, you can use words such as light / dark, and add the name of the color. English Equivalents of these components of compound words are respectively light — / pale — for light and dark — / deep — for dark shades. For example:

  • Light green light-green
  • Dark brown deep-brown

But it should be noted that in the English language may be one specific word for the desired color solutions. Namely:

  • Dark red crimson / garnet
  • Dark yellow tawny
  • Light Orange orangey
  • Light yellow fallow
  • Light green chlorine

Here are some other color names in English that may interest you: Azure (azure), bronze (bronze), burgundy (burgundy), chocolate (chocolate), Cu (copper), gold (gold), silver (silver), denim blue (denim blue), deep blue — the color of indigo (indigo).

When we talk about drawing, we may need the name of the objects that we draw directly. It can be colored pens (colourful pens), crayons (pencils), markers (felt pens), paints (paints). The very verb to draw in the English language is represented by two words, draw / paint.

Interesting expression to the names of colors in English

In English, not only a lot of colors and shades, but also idioms with their use. They are very common, so it is desirable to know them, as in the idiom of the name of the applied color in the Russian language need not be translated. All of the phrase is a completely different meaning. That way you can use the name of the colors in the English language:

He talks a blue streak — talking incessantly, chattering

Out of the blue — out of the blue, out of the blue

Once in a blue moon — once in a hundred years, very rarely

I see red — run amok, to come into a rage

It is in the red — to be in debt

I catch somebody red-handed — to catch someone in the act

The pot caling the kettle black — who’s talking, and your silence

Be in black book — to be someone else in the doghouse for bad account

Be green about the gills — look healthy

White as midnight’s ass-hole — a completely black

Be in the pink — be in good health, color and smell

Pink — slip — a notice of dismissal



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