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Christmas markets. Christmas markets

Christmas market and Christmas market (it. Christkindlmarkt) originates (originated in) in Germany, but despite this, many countries adopt this tradition, adding a touch of local flavor, introducing their own versions (their own versions). Therefore, the attention of fans of Christmas are a lot of options with minor differences (slight differencies).

But wherever you go, at the Christmas market you will always see the active (eager) traders (vendors), looking out over the bright stalls with gingerbread (gingerbread-house stalls), decorated with fairy lights (fairy lights) and snow-covered ( topped with snow). It sells Christmas decorations (Christmas decorations), candles (candles), children’s toys (children’s toys), textiles (textiles) and a uniquely delicious food. Humor gives live music (live music), staging the Nativity (Nativity plays), the air is intoxicating aroma of mulled wine (mulled wine / it. Glühwein), roasted chestnuts (roast chestnut) and sausages (sausages).

The Berlin market — the unique charm of Christmas

Of course, we should start our review with Berlin, which is considered the capital of the Christmas markets (Christmas market’s capital). Before Christmas in the city every year offers more than 50 fairs. According to local residents (locals) and visitors (visitors) the most popular place before Christmas — it is a market in the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. The magic of the Christmas market attracts yearly more than 4 million people who are happy to visit this place. Wooden houses draw (attract) tourists aroma of hot chocolate (hot chocolate), roasted almonds (roasted almonds), and many other goodies. Here you can buy a variety of Christmas items (Christmas merchandise) and gifts (gifts), especially the traditional figurines nativity scene (crib figurines), toys, puppets (marionettes), candles (candles), articles made ​​of wood (wood carvings) and so that you can to put under the Christmas tree.

If you are interested in more information, go here:

Christkindelmarkt, Leeds — a slice of Germany in the heart of Leeds, UK

Christkindelmarkt to Leeds — one of the most respected German Christmas markets in the United Kingdom with its traditional wooden houses (wooden stalls) and festive greenery (festive greenery), a memorable Christmas carousel (Christmas carousel) and bright lights, which create the magic atmosphere of a holiday in the center Leeds.

It is located on an area of Millennium Square and every year attracts thousands of visitors this city, being an integral part (integral part) the annual holiday program in the city (city’s annual events programme).

The market consists of 40 wooden houses, the so-called chalet stalls, where traders from Germany (authentic German vendors) delight visitors with a wide range of holiday gifts for every taste, including toys, crafts (handcrafted toys) and ornaments (jewellery). Of course, not without its festive ornaments (festive decorations), Christmas cards (Christmas cards) and typical for this holiday meal: bratwurst (bratwurst sausages), mulled wine, steak (schnitzel), goulash (goulash), gingerbread cookies (gingerbread) and candied fruit (candied fruits).

A more detailed description of the market you can see here:

Southbank Centre Christmas Market at the London Eye (London Eye), London, UK

This remarkable market consists of 80 houses, chalets decorated in Christmas style, offers tourists and citizens a variety of ideas for Christmas gifts (Christmas presents). The wooden and soft toys (wooden and soft toys), soap, made ​​with his own hands (hand made ​​soap), are available to everyone in a magical winter atmosphere (in a magical winter atmosphere).

Look here to learn more:

Manchester Christmas Markets, Manchester, United Kingdom

This is the place to visit in Manchester for Christmas.

These markets are known all over the world, every year they attract customers (shoppers) from all over the UK and the world. This place attracts not only because you can buy a lot of wonderful gifts for Christmas, but also because it is also a wonderful place to relax. And neither Manchester (Mancunian) winter is complete without a stroll through the streets of markets, houses framed chalet (chalet-lined streets of the markets).

This year, markets in Manchester celebrated its 15th anniversary, and on this occasion all over the city were placed 9 Christmas markets, each with its own ambience (atmosphere) and a certain character (distinct character): Albert Square, The Corn Exchange, St Ann’s Square , King Street, Brazennose Street, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Street, Exchange Square, Corporation Street.

More than 300 stalls are full of stunning (mind-boggling) delicacies (delicacies) from all over Europe. The abundance of goods is becoming brighter and brighter every year. But in addition to gifts, craft products (crafts), clothing, jewelry, toys and traditional food you can treat yourself to a mini-pancakes from Holland (Dutch mini pancakes), Hungarian goulash (Hungarian goulash), French profiteroles (French profiteroles) and Spanish paella ( Spanish paella). Here everyone will find something for yourself, and hot chocolate (hot chocolate), and French wine (French wine) and German beer (German beer).

The most complete information about the market here:

Vienna — Christmas tale reality

While living in Vienna for some time, I had the good fortune not only to enjoy its captivating beauty in the spring and summer, but also plunge into the Christmas holiday. It is simply unforgettable. Vienna pleases a variety of fairs, but in my opinion, the most populous are two of them. This is, firstly, Wiener Christkindlmarkt — a market that is located on the Town Hall square. Town Hall itself is very impressive (is very impressive), but at Christmas it emphasizes the beauty of the main Christmas tree of Austria. There are plenty of entertainment (entertainments) for children, all the trees are illuminated and decorated with original (illuminated and decorated). Here, children can make their own hands a toy, ride the rides and eat delicious cookies.

There’s more:

Another no less charming (enchanting) the place where the Christmas market is located in Vienna — Schönbrunn Palace is (Schönbrunn). This striking building in the style of «Baroque» (baroque) just shrouded Christmas charm. Area of ​​Honor before the palace is impressive for its size and attracts all those who looked here.

If you want to know more, please look at this page:

The world has many beautiful places, beautiful country and corners, where you want to go. It is very easy to do, speaking in English, and with it you will understand in Europe and Asia, not to mention the English-speaking countries. We wish you success and winged in the new year and let your soul reigns fairy tale and faith in what you can do anything. Health and success in the new year to all!



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