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Christmas in Australia. Australian Christmas

Christmas on the Beach (Christmas on the beach)

Australian tradition of celebrating Christmas traditions are very different from the countries of the northern hemisphere. After all, when the window 30, it does not want to sit by the fireplace and there is just fried turkey and want to freshen up a bit. That is why Australians rush to the beach, there to celebrate a wonderful summer holiday of Christmas. But, of course, not all families go to the beach. Some organize gala dinners in the courtyards of their homes. That’s lunch, not dinner, as in other countries. The most popular beaches in the country — it’s Bondi Beach Australia, which is located in Sydney. But now, because of the resultant hole in the ozone layer directly over Australia and New Zealand, on the beach mostly tourists, and local residents are wary of the dangerous Australian sun. Keep this in mind if you decide to celebrate Christmas in Australia.

Christmas Decorations (Christmas decorations)

Naturally, the Australians also decorate their homes, on the occasion of Christmas. Aussies hang garlands (wreaths) on doors and decorate their gardens and houses trees (Christmas Trees) and Christmas lights (Christmas Lights). Most people decorate the house with bouquets of Christmas bush (Christmas Bush). This Australian plant that during the celebration of Christmas flowers beautiful small red flowers.

Sometimes the neighbors organize small competitions (competitions) who has the best light show (light display). They go to each other’s homes at night to look at the decoration of houses. It so happens that some have already decorated your house for the first of December. But not always such competitions just for fun. Some streets of Sydney collect up to 35 thousand Australian dollars to charities, arranging joint submission light.

Carols by Candlelight (Christmas songs by candlelight)

This Australian tradition was born in Melbourne in 1937. Now it has spread throughout Australia, and is supported by all Australian state capitals. Again in contrast to the European countries in which Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve) is a very important day in Australia that day is not marked at all. Instead, people gather in one of the central parks of the city, to sing Christmas songs (Carols) by candlelight (by Candlelight). The park sets the scene, which may make the famous Australian singers and groups, or local artists, while the rest sing along. But not all come there to sing. Some come to eat, drink and listen to others.

Australian Christmas Songs (Australian Christmas songs)

Perhaps Australians would like to sing for Christmas «I am dreaming of the White Christmas» («I dream of a white Christmas»), but not every inhabitant of this continent has seen snow in their lives. Popular Australian song «Six White Boomers» («Six white kangaroos»), «Santa’s Moving to the South Pole» («Santa moves to the South Pole»), «Let Us Barbeque» («Let’s fry barbecue») heard these holidays days from anywhere.

As in Australia too hot for Christmas, the Santa Claus reindeer gives opportunity to rest, and instead carry his «six white kangaroos» («six white boomers»).

We offer you a song «Six White Boomers».

Six White Boomers Six white Kangaroo
In Australia, Christmas comes in the middle of a very hot summer
So when Santa Claus delivers his presents
He’s not taken around by reindeer because
They can not stand the terrible heat

He’s taken around by six big, white, old man kangaroos
Called the six white boomers

Early on one Christmas day
A Joey kangaroo
Was far from home and lost
In a great, big zoo

Mommy … .where’s my mommy?
They’ve taken her away

We’ll help you find your mommy, son
Hop up on the sleigh

So up inside the bag of toys
Little Joey hopped
But they had not gone far when Santa stopped
Unharnessed all the reindeer
And Joey wondered why
Then he heard a far off booming in the sky

(boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)

In Australia, Christmas comes in the middle of a hot summer
Therefore, when Santa Claus delivers gifts
He does not move on deer because
They can not withstand the terrible heat

His carry six large, good old Kangaroo
Which is called the six white kangaroos

Early in the morning one day of Christmas
Joey, kangaroo,
He was away from home and lost
In the vast zoo

Mom … where my mom?
They took her.

We’ll help you find your mom, son
Jump into the sleigh.

So on top of the bag with toys
I jumped a little Joey
But they have not gone away, and Santa stopped
He unharnessed all deer
And Joey wondered why
Then he heard a rumble in the sky

(boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)


Six white boomers
Snow white boomers
Racing Santa Claus through the blazing sun
Six white boomers
Snow white boomers
On his Australian run


Six white kangaroos
Snow-white Kangaroo
Race of Santa Claus through the blazing sun
Six white kangaroos
Snow-white Kangaroo
In Australia

Pretty soon old Santa began to feel the heat
Took his fur-lined boots off to cool his feet
Into one popped Joey
Feelin ‘quite okay
While those old man kangaroos kept pullin ‘on the sleigh
Soon Santa was hot
He took off his boots with fur trim to cool the legs
In one boot jumped Joey,
I am feeling quite well
While six of the good old Kangaroo continued to pull sleds
Chorus Chorus
Then Joey said to Santa, «Santa, what about the toys?
Are not you giving some to these girls and boys? »
«Well, they’ve all had their presents, sonny
We were here last night
This trip is an extra trip
Joey’s special flight
Then Joey asked Santa: «Santa, what about gifts?
Are not you going to give them to boys and girls? »
«Well, they’ve got their presents, son.
We were here last night
This additional travel
Special flight for Joey »
Soon the sleigh was flashing past
Right over Marble Bar
«Slow down there!» Cried Santa
«It can not be far
Hop up on my lap here, son
And have a look around »
«There, there she is!
That’s mommy! Bounding up and down! »
Soon the sleigh raced past
Just above the Marble Bar
«Slow down here!» — Shouted Santa.
«There must be close.
Jump on my lap, my son,
And a good look around. »
«There, there it is!
There’s my mom! Jump up and down! »
Chorus Chorus
Well, that’s the bestest Christmas treat
That Joey ever had
Curled up in mother’s pouch feeling snug and glad
The last they saw was Santa heading northwards From the sun
The only year the boomers worked a double run
So, this is the greatest joy of Christmas
Who ever was with Joey
Curled up in my mother’s bag, he was pleased and happy
The last thing they saw was Santa, heading north
Away from the sun
The only year when the Kangaroos were working «overtime»

Boxing Day (Boxing Day) and Boxing Day Test Match (Cricket)

The day after Christmas — it’s Boxing Day (Boxing Day on December, 26th). On this day, the Australians or go on a visit to fry barbecue or sit in front of TV and watch cricket match (Boxing Day Test Match) or race on the yacht (the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race), which starts the day with Sydney and ends in the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania, Hobart, five days later.

Now you can imagine how it is Christmas in the middle of summer.

Please accept our warm congratulations on the upcoming holidays! Suppose, even if you’re not in the heat of Australia warms you love family and friends! Good mood in the New Year and enjoyable articles from our sponsors!



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