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Choose: a tutor or English courses

Planning learning English, we wonder: What kind of training is more effective, faster, what method will help us to open up and integrate into the language atmosphere?

Respond definitely quite difficult, because everything depends on the personality and goals of the student.

What is the main difference with a tutor and training courses?

One of the major differences — a student-teacher interaction. Say what you like, but the courses the teacher is difficult or nearly impossible to pay 100% of its student focus. All students come to the course with one goal and want to get the result as quickly as possible. Of course, the student needs to be taken into account. Teacher professional ponder an individual approach to the students in the group, but, nevertheless, you have to learn in the general stream. Even in a mini-group of two students, each of them will get only 50% of the attention of the teacher. It has its advantages: you can make a break until the teacher communicates with another student, «disconnect» from the learning process, or even to get out.

Working with a coach, you have direct contact with the teacher. 100% of his time and attention — your own, there is a constant communication, dialogue, the teacher focuses on you and directs you to the tasks. This is a serious advantage for the student and his or her needs.

To some extent, the work with a tutor may seem tedious because of its intensity. English tutor for students highly motivated, result-oriented.

For both methods can develop a negative attitude to those students who have already had a bad experience of a particular class.

A personal relationship with both methods important. Catching up with the tutor, you can for one reason or another do not meet him. Then we’ll leave. However, as a rule, it is clear at the beginning of communication. E. Again, time is saved, you can go to the selection of another tutor. The courses conflicts less likely, but again, the personal «docked» and can not take place.

Training program

Learning courses, you often work on the installed program. It can be coordinated according to the interests of all members of the group. Studying with a tutor, you will be able to make the program suitable for you. The teacher immediately determine your level, needs and give recommendations. Imagine that you are learning the course «English for managers, logisticians» and on the middle you were transferred to another department as a sales manager or a reduced position. What to do? When you are working with a tutor, this situation can be corrected, and to change the program during training.

When training with a tutor, you can pay special attention to the specific documents which you use to work or to focus on special vocabulary and so on. D. This is less likely in the training courses, as your annual report or the presentation of the equipment may not be of interest to other students.

The rate of achievement

Everyone knows that coaching can achieve tangible results more quickly than in the courses. But if the purpose of the training is not specific and you have time, you can consider courses. Definitely one thing: velocity of success in language learning depends primarily on student perseverance and frequency of sessions.

English speech

As a group, you can not just do a comparison of their success with the success of other students, but also a variety of options to listen to the speech. With tutor student also listen to various audio and video, but, basically, it works with a speech teacher. Interesting and lively conversations in English can be built with both the tutor and the group. Everything depends on the particular situation.

Flexible schedules

It definitely wins tutoring, because you can move to another activity or time of day, and to change the venue of the lesson.

The cost of lessons

It is believed that coaching is much more expensive courses. But today it is not. Learning English is one-on-one is no longer considered a luxury. With tutor training is faster and more dynamic. E. You start to apply this knowledge much earlier and be able to get a promotion or to simplify their communication with foreign partners. Simply put, the money invested in a professional tutor back is usually much faster than a career and, of course, confidence in their English.

To summarize: when you choose the form of language learning — a group lesson or with a tutor — consider your goals, available time, the flexibility of your schedule and personal wishes. The main thing that you have set out to learn the language, and it is — the first step to success.



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