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Choice words: remember / remind

Two words from the title of this article is often confused, believing that they have exactly the same meaning. Nevertheless, these two verbs are different from each other in the semantic content, but that small nuances and give the opportunity to consider them as synonyms. Let’s list the value of each of them and compare, whether you can do it or not.

Choice words: remember / remind — is there anything in common?

How to remember, and remind are commonly used verbs. We are confronted with them, still starting to learn English, so it is reasonable to immediately determine the situations in which use a particular word, that in the future not to make mistakes.

As is known, the values ​​of the verb remember are:

  1. Remember to keep in mind:

    I remember him as a boy. — I remember him as a boy.

    I do not remember where I lost my key. — I do not remember where the keys are lost.

  2. Remembering, remember:

    He suddenly remembered an appointment. — Suddenly he remembered that he had an appointment.

    She remembered her mother’s piece of advice. — She remembered the advice her mother.

  3. Do not forget:

    Remember to turn out the light. — Do not forget to turn off the lights.

    Remember that you have to be here at four. — Do not forget that you should be here at four.

  4. Say hello to someone:

    Remember me to your father. — Give your father my regards.

  5. Give presents:

    My grandmother always remembers me on my birthday. — My grandmother always sends me a birthday present.

The last two meanings of the word may occur less frequently, but they are there and they should know, if you have previously encountered with them. And now take a look at the verb remind.

Verb remember special. After that you can use the gerund (remember doing something) and the infinitive (remember to do something). In such cases, the design will be translated in different ways. Remember + to do = to remember that you need to do something, it’s the future, man remembers that he must do something. Remember + doing = remember how to do -So, this phrase refers to the past, a person remembers, as he did something in the past. Compare the examples:

I remember to send these letters till tomorrow. — I remember that I need to send this letter tomorrow.

I remember sending these letters two weeks ago. — I remember the letters sent two weeks ago.

The values ​​of the verb remind:

  1. Remind anyone of anything:

    He reminded me to buy bread. — He reminded me to buy bread.

    Could you remind her about dinner on Saturday? — You can remind her about dinner on Saturday?

    I must remind you of your promise. — I must remind you of your promise.

  2. Reminding someone (to be like someone else):

    He reminds me of his brother. — He reminds me of his brother.

As we can see, almost nothing to do in these verbs do not. Their values ​​are different, and relate to very different situations of use. To briefly and accurately express the difference Mezhuyev verbs remember and remind, and to learn it all, remember that’s the proposal:

I’m trying to remember who he reminds me of. — I’m trying to remember who he reminds me of.



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