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Choice words: remember / recollect / recall

When we learn any language, we have to remember a lot of new information. Our brain can hold a lot, but not always at the right time can strengthen the necessary material. Then we ask ourselves — and we remember anything? And what about the old memory? Are all able to remember the events of the past? Verbs that are responsible for memory, namely remember, recollect and recall, and are the subject of this article.

Choice words: remember / recollect / recall — meaning «remember to remember, to remember»

All of the synonyms suggest that we have laid in memory of some information, or we are trying to restore it in its memory. Featuring these verbs, we can according to certain criteria: whether there is any information in memory, or it must be restored; how it will participate in this process, and what efforts should be made to remember anything.

As usual, choose the word of the widest and general importance. This word becomes a verb remember. With it, we describe and present certain information in memory (to remember something) and the restoration of some of the material (to remember something).

I can not remember his name. — I do not remember his name.

I do not remember signing this document. — I do not remember signing the document.

I remember her as a girl. — I remember her little girl.

Just as the door closed he remembered that his keys were inside the room. — As soon as the door closed, he remembered that he had left the keys in the room.

If you look at the last sentence, you will see that in this case the recovery of memory was involuntary. The man himself did not try to remember anything until some sign (closed door) did not include his memory. All of the above examples, except for the last, or demonstrate the presence of information in memory, or its restoration, but conscious. That can mean the verb remember these two types of processes.

The second involves a synonym recollect only the recovery of information in memory, there is a desire to remember anything. As a rule, the man himself, exerting some effort makes your memory work to resurrect the forgotten information. But he forgot it for two reasons: either the memory very weak, or the events occurred long ago.

I had to make a decision and tried to recollect his exact words. — I had to make a decision, and I’m trying to remember his exact words.

Each of us sometimes recollects the days of his childhood. — Each of us sometimes recalls the days of his childhood.

I know that this woman is familiar to me. I’m trying to recollect when and where we met. — I know that this woman is familiar to me. I’m trying to remember where and when we met.

Our last word recall, recollect similarly does not imply the existence and recovery of information and conscious way. Man tries to recall some fact or object, but it is it requires less effort than that of the verb recollect. Recollect may mean that forgot we collect the pieces and recall means that the image is stored in the memory of the whole and there is at the right moment.

I do not recall arranging time to meet. — I do not remember that I appointed time for the meeting.

This recalls my childhood to me. — It reminds me of my childhood.

Can you recall where you lost your bag? — Can you remember where the lost bag?



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