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Choice words: pain / ache / pang / throe / twinge / stitch

All the words are the designation of such a thing as a «pain» in English. But, of course, these synonyms have their own characteristics. Before you consider just how important is inherent in every way, we note that we can talk about physical and mental pain. First we touch bodily pain, and then suffering. All data synonyms differ in such semantic criteria: pain intensity; character (sharp, dull, stabbing, shooting, etc.); part of the body that hurts; duration of pain and the nature of its appearance (occurs gradually or suddenly).

Choice words: pain / ache / pang / throe / twinge / stitch — physical pain

Word from the most general meaning of «pain» is a pain. Using it, you can indicate strong and weak pain, aching or sharp, quick passes or long, in some body (or body part) or throughout the body.

He had severe stomach pains. — He had a sharp pain in the stomach.

I felt a sharp pain in my foot. — I felt a sharp pain in the foot (leg).

She was given some medicine to ease the pain. — She was given medication to ease the pain.

With the second from a list of words ache we mean a long, mostly dull pain in the internal organs (or parts of the body), and even spread throughout the body. This word is often a part of the difficult words headache (headache), toothache (toothache) and others:

There is a dull ache in my shoulder. — I have a nagging pain in his shoulder.

Toothache is the most annoying thing in life. — Toothache — this is the most annoying thing in life.

I’ve had a headache all morning. — I had a headache all morning.

Word pang we call sudden, sharp, shooting pain normally.

I feel a sharp pang if I touch my cut. — I feel a sharp pain when touching the cut.

The remaining synonyms are translated as follows: throe (pl. Number) — cramps, spasms; twinge — sudden pain, acute pain attack; stitch — in colic side (mainly overvoltage). As we can see the value of these words define a lot of pain, «the company» which may go spasms, convulsions, twitching. Their only difference is in the location of pain and its character. In the first case hurt an organ or the whole body, there are spasms. With words and throes pang we denote labor pains, contractions: throes of childbirth, birth pangs.

Word twinge necessary to mention short attack of acute pain, usually in a single body: a twinge of gout — gout. But the third word stitch — a sudden, severe, stabbing pain in his side, which appears, for example, if you reborrow: a stitch in the side — cramps in my side.

All listed in Article words for types of pain are used with subsequent determination … in smth, which also points to the sore spot: a pain in the back — back pain, an ache in one’s limbs — a pain in the hands or feet; pangs / throes in the belly — abdominal pain, a twinge / a stitch in one’s side — the pain in his side. Synonym throe twinge and is often used in the definition of smth, which indicates the cause of the pain: the throes of seasickness — flour seasickness. Our word «common» values ​​- pain — can be controlled pretexts with / in: He cried out in / with pain. — He cried out in pain.

Choice words: pain / ache / pang / throe / twinge — mental anguish

Now go to our state of mind and remember, with the help of words to express certain mental anguish. Synonyms have the same (except stitch), will be considered in the same order. As is the case with the physical pain, pain word is a word more general significance. They can call us suffering any strength, severity and duration. In most cases, use of the word pain will involve profound feelings of loss, parting:

I can not describe the pain I suffered when she died. — I can not describe the suffering that tormented me when she died.

I am sorry my news caused you such pain. — I am very sorry that my news has caused you so much pain.

Synonym ache evidence of prolonged suffering or feeling of anguish that arises from the lack of hope of relief in the future: the ache of loneliness — sadness of loneliness.

The ache returned to his heart. — Tosca has returned to his heart.

If you want to send a sudden powerful experience (feeling), take the word pang: pangs of envy — an acute sense of envy, pangs of conscience — remorse, pangs of remorse — remorse.

Jack felt a sharp pang of jealousy. — Jack felt a keen sense of jealousy.

Close in meaning to the word pang throe, which is also used in the plural. But it has a feature — the designation of separate, consecutive attacks heartache: throes of yearning — yearning attacks.

Synonym twing, often used in the plural, is almost the same in meaning as the pang, but it is weaker than the intensity of emotions: twinges of conscience — remorse, a twinge of sorrow — sorrow flour. But often the word mark heartache, implying regret anything remorse.

I admit I felt a twinge of guilt as we left. — I admit that I had a feeling of guilt when we left.

The first three synonym, namely pain, ache, pang, can be controlled pretext with: with a dull pain of despair in his heart — a nagging sense of despair in the heart (soul), with an ache in one’s heart — with a heavy heart, with a pang of disappointment — with a sense of disappointment.



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