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Choice words: honest / upright / conscientious / scrupulous / honourable

Honesty is one of the most popular qualities of the person at all times. Of course, not all of them have, but many appreciate the sincerity of the relationship. When you give a description of someone, you list the character traits of the person. Are you saying that a person is sincere and honest. Therefore, take the dictionary and see that the adjective «fair» five translations. How to understand these synonyms, and which one to choose?

Choice words: honest / upright / conscientious / scrupulous / honourable — in the sense of «an honest, respectable, fair»

Now we are talking about a man who is not inclined to cheat. He is guided in all its actions moral norms. Such a person we call «honest.» Broadest sense has the first word honest. With it you can call any person who is unable to lie, to take someone else to violate the laws of friendship, sin, neglect their obligations or in bad faith relate to the case assigned to him. This person will not commit any acts not condoned by society.

To be honest, I did not really enjoy the party. — To be honest, I really did not like the party.

She was honest with her husband. — She did not conceal from her husband.

She is too honest to take your things without permission. — It is too honest to take your things without permission.

Use the word honest can be applied to any person, and in a variety of situations, the adjective will have a certain connotation. For example, if we’re talking honest woman, the stress of her morality and purity; if we are talking about the employee honest worker, it put the emphasis on his honesty and integrity.

The property, which we call honest word can be either congenital, and appeared in the process of education. But our second synonym upright — includes in its meaning exactly the honesty, which is embedded in the character, not education. Man, whose quality is expressed by the word upright can not dissemble, strives to act in accordance with the truth openly express their thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards people. Possible translation of the word might be: straightforward, direct, fair, honest.

She was an upright woman that’s why she could not flatter anyone. — She was a straight man, and therefore could not flatter anyone.

He behaved as any upright citizen would have under the circumstances. — He behaved as would have behaved any good citizen in the circumstances.

The following three words conscientious / scrupulous / honourable — indicate the nature of the properties, which were acquired during the training. And this is manifested not so much honesty in oral communication with people, and in relation to others or to their commitments.

If we want to show that this person is in their actions guided by the concepts of justice and goodness, that he does not accept the faux pas or dishonesty, we choose the word conscientious: a conscientious worker — conscientious, diligent worker.

He was too kind and conscientious to leave me alone. — He was too kind and conscientious to leave me alone.

If we want to show that a person has developed a very strong sense of duty, which makes it meticulously comply with all standards and requirements of morality, even in small ways, we stop at the word scrupulous, which can be translated as «scrupulously honest, conscientious, meticulously honest.»

He’s very scrupulous about making sure that all the facts are checked. — He was a very meticulous when sought to ensure that all facts are checked.

He was scrupulous in the fulfillment of the task. — He faithfully performed the task.

If we want to show that a person is behaving in accordance with the sense of honor, according to professional ethics, we are suitable word honourable.

He tried to be honourable and to do what the honour of his profession dictated. — He tried to be honest and to follow the ethics of their profession.

All these synonyms can manage forms about smth. (Smb.), About doing smth., In (doing) smth., As to smth. And honest can still be used with with smb. For example: he was honest with the doctor, he was honourable about her friend.

Choice words: honest / upright / conscientious / scrupulous / honourable — in the sense of «proof of honesty, integrity and fairness.»

At the beginning of this article we talked about in five shades of meaning of synonyms, which we define an honest man. But these words also determine the way of life, thoughts, intentions, feelings, words, work in which this is manifested honesty and integrity.

Meanwhile synonymous retains the same semantic differences, which in the values ​​of the person: an honest attempt (honest attempt), honourable intentions (noble intentions), upright conduct (honest behavior, indicating directness), honest thinking (clean, honest thoughts) upright protest (honest, open outcry), a conscientious piece of work (conscientious work), conscientious approach to the work (the conscious attitude to work), a scrupulous decision (carefully weighed decision), scrupulous translation (exact translation), honourable service ( impeccable service, for example, in the army).



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